Monster Hunter Dominates Japan followed by AKB1/149 According to Major Retailer’s Sales Charts

The major Japanese retailer Tsutaya released its sales charts, that are normally considered a good glimpse on the previous week's market situation in the archipelago of the rising sun due to the fact that the retailer chain has a large number of stores spread in the whole country.

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wonderwall973433d ago

Japanese games charts is always an exciting thing to analyze. Really, one week you're at the top soon you're below, except of course, games like MH, Mario Kart, etc.

Abriael3433d ago

Yeah, most Japanese gamers are very big on day one purchases, so most games go down very fast. Normally the ones that have a bigger staying power are those aimed more towards casual gamers and younger audiences.

abzdine3433d ago

PS3 at its best in Japan!

miyamoto3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

I wonder how much Nintendo paid Capcom to get MH4 exclusivity like they did with RE4 during the Gamecube days?

Oh well knowing Capcom its predictable how these kind of 'exclusive' stuff will eventually go back to PlayStation.

Capcom makes mega hit franchises on PlayStation, the competition swipes it, and greedy Capcom brings em back.

PSNintyGamer3433d ago

I believe that Monster Hunter will stay at the top for about a month before Pokemon knocks it to second place

Abriael3433d ago

That's VERY unlikely. A large percentage of the gamers that want Monster Hunter were neatly lined up to get it on saturday morning at 4 AM lol.

Monster Hunter games definitely fit the bill for those games that get enormous numbers on they one and then slide down.

PSNintyGamer3433d ago

Did the PSP games follow that template? I just believe that it will stay at the top for a few weeks, because recently big games, such as Animal Crossing have done so.

Abriael3433d ago

Pretty much. It may stay on top a couple weeks, but I doubt more than that.

Animal crossing is a much more casual-friendly game, so it caters a lot to people that don't care aout "DAY ONE!!!"

Monster hunter on the other hand is strongly focused on the hardcore audience, and most of them had the game in their hands by the end of the weekend.

thehobbyist3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

As much as many would like to believe that Monster Hunter is probably as big(possibly(Unlikely) bigger) a household name as Pokemon in Japan. Except it's aimed at teenagers and above so it's got a larger target audience. Trust me I've been to Japan and I've seen what appeared to be a high-up businessman playing Portable 3rd until his client showed up. Monster Hunter was everywhere. You could not escape it. I even had a complete stranger ask me if I could play it with him and his friends since they were one guy short. I did not have that problem with Pokemon.

r213433d ago

Not surprised by MH's powers. However, surprised by that AKB1/149 sale.

ritsuka6663433d ago

The most popular music group girl of Japan. not suprise here.

r213432d ago

Ah, that explains so much. Heard Japan love them girl bands.

worldwidegaming3432d ago

Only because the fans buy like 100s of the same CD to vote for their favorite.
Monkey see, monkey do!

tubers3432d ago

Wasn't AKB a VITA game?