The History of Final Fantasy

As Final Fantasy XII on PS2, V & VI Advance for GBA, III for DS and a re-release of XI rapidly approach Western shores, this takes a look back at the history of the series, what each title has changed and added, and how the series has endured over its 19 year history.

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Scythesean4468d ago

He keeps voting lame on each PS3 topic he doesn't even read the topics or post in them he just wotes lame and trolls the PS3 topics.

Scriptkiddie why don't you go play your 360 or have you become tired of it and have nothing better to do then bash a console your mommy and daddy refuse to buy you?

PS360WII4468d ago

Fun stuff I liked the update on all that.
What I didn't like... No mention on FF: Tactics! How could you not that game is one of the finer examples of what makes a great game. I suppose though it wasn't part of the numbering scheme but come on. Also I didn't like that "dinky DS" comment he made. Just cuz FFIII is coming out fully redone with it all polished up and FFXII sequal coming, but not on the system you want doesn't make it dinky... Alright sorry for venting
Can't wait till tomorrow FFXII will be sweet! Then a week later the gba port of FFV and then another week FFIII remake! It's going to be a fun filled month ^^

AP4468d ago

I do mention FFT in the "Worth a mention" section - right at the very end.

As for dinky, terrible choice of word on my part, but I meant it as in small. It can mean kiddy, too, but I'm not a mr 'olol kidtendo mirite?' :p I love my DS, I've actually got FFIII DS on Import.

PS360WII4468d ago

Maybe I need better reading glasses ><
Cool yeah FFT I guess I missed in the "Worth a Mention" And yea I read way to much into that dinky thing. What can I say it's Monday and sometimes a bit cranky on Mondays... Great read though ^^

Sphinx4468d ago

US version of course!

kmis874468d ago

Did anyone else played Final Fantasy IV (or II depending on who you ask) and remember what Tellah says to Edward? "You spoony bard!" Greatest videogame quote ever.

PS360WII4468d ago

4 er 2(US version) is by far my favorite of the series ^^ and that's all I have to say about that

specialguest4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

that was the first RPG i played that got me hooked. the graphics were terrible(little pixelized midget characters) and the monsters animate, BUT the for some reason, i continued playing. the storyline was what did it for me.

remember Tera? yeah she was so weak and innocent, but later she learned about her kind and become a great summoner.

ahh, one of these days i should to play the remake of this game.

Bebedora4468d ago

FF VII & FF X is my best experience with any game I've played so far. I really hope FF XII (Dark Cloud is close) will top it, but I am a bit eerie to Enix. Since they jumped onboard Squaresoft to make Square-Enix I have a bad tension it wont play out the way I want. FF XII seems great to the demo I've played (came with DQ8)