18 GTA V cheats have been leaked

DaJuan of Corrupted Cartridge writes "The faster we approach the release date of GTA V means the faster the leaks come out. Yesterday we reported that Rockstar is planning an app for Android and iOS platforms.Thanks to reddit user highpixels, we have another leak to report on. 18 of the cheats available for use in GTA V have been posted on the GTA V subreddit."

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uneasiest2929d ago

Note: These are different from the ones posted in this article

Blacksand12929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Don't need them I like to beat the game without cheat codes. Because GTA 5 going to be the best game this year and i'm going to send my PS3 out with a bang, before the PS4 come.

HammadTheBeast2929d ago

Once you're done the game, cheats are kind of like mods for GTA. I'm hoping there's a free mode online with Cheats enabled.

PoSTedUP2929d ago

best thing to do in gtaSa was enable pedestrians have weapons---> recruit anyone as a gang member (so now you have guys with shotguns and ak's doing drive-bys) then the cheat where you can drive and shoot at the same time (so you can do drive bys with them aswell). so much fun.

Blacksand12929d ago

I played all my GTA without using cheat codes.

CraigandDayDay2929d ago

I want controller input cheat codes back like the PS2/xbox versions had. I could put them in super fast. I hated the way GTA 4 did it with the cell phone. That was a pain in the butt.

xActionBasturdx2928d ago

Its gonna be good no doubt, but from a realistic approach to things The Last of Us is the best game this gen hands down

Blacksand12928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I know LOU was good. The voters almost, always give GOTY to M-players. They say GTA5 going to hit the 1 billion mark and going to beat BO2 record.

SecondSon2928d ago

Fast Run + Explosive Melee Attacks + Slow Mo and the game becomes a supervillan open world game :P

I loved GTA San Andreas cheats! Bring back Nitro powered flying cars and riot cheats!

I agree with the above, GTA cheats are a nice alternative to mods. I just don't see why they didn't add even more to GTA 4!

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3-4-52929d ago

Single Player = no cheats unless impossible mission & Cheats are for just random fun goofin around.

Deadpoolio2928d ago

What difference do cheats make anyway...Anyone who actually wants the trophies or achievements can't use them, since now cheats disable trophies and saving

SecondSon2928d ago

Cheats are for goofing around and they add value to the single player game away from the basic storyline and achievements.

Name Last Name2929d ago

You don't get trophies if you use cheats right?

GamingManiac2929d ago

Correct, looks like it depends on the cheat tho.

TheFamous12928d ago

Who cares about trophies?

FragMnTagM2928d ago

I'm assuming no one here visits cheatcc for their cheat codes?

They always have their codes up on day one or sometimes a few days before.

Here is the list of codes for 360:

And for PS3:

famoussasjohn2928d ago

Ahhh I haven't been to that site since the PS2 days and using all the GTA cheat codes lol.

x5exotic2928d ago

What I can't stand most (not directed at anyone)are these retarded people going "oh I hate cheats I don't want them; they make the game too easy or something"

Then don't fucking use them you inbred. For some people, GTA is never about the story or intensity; it's just for pure fun, and I'd like to blow up every car in the world or Spawn Jet planes and weapons whenever I want, that's what I loved about San Andreas. I'm glad GTA V has those kind of cheats and not those unlockable shits in GTA IV

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GarrusVakarian2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Fast run
Drunk mode
Explosive melee
Slow mo

Good to see R* bringing back the ott fun element to the cheats, and the game in general (GTA4 was a little lacking in that aspect in my opinion)

Keeping fingers crossed for spawn jet cheat.

Deadpoolio2928d ago

You'll be fine as long as you don't want to save or get the achievements/trophies...They always leave out that cheats disable both

US8F2929d ago

Up to date my ass That barely has four. I like the site provided here better. I still believe there are more cheats than that. We need all weapons, unlimited sprint, etc. heck I still play gta IV, cheats add more fun to it.

rajman2929d ago

This article has less cheats when this article was submitted, but it looks like they updated it because of the comment above yours lol

Jamaicangmr2929d ago

Ok give me all weapons code and i'm gravy. Oh yeah PS3 please.

creized12929d ago

Agreed, not that I don't like them or not find them fun but I only use them once i complete the game and enjoyed it.
And then again it wll take me a while to use the cheats cause I want to explore and all

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