Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is HOT STUFF

Just happened to be cruising around Amazon and low and behold the old Xbox 360 HD DVD Player/Add on is the most popular Xbox 360 item (even ahead of Gears of War)!

Does this spell doom for Blu-Ray? Certainly not at this point, but its a pretty darn good sign that the interest is high for this item!

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OutLaw4465d ago

I don't see the HD DVD being more popular than Gears of War.

Marty83704465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Still expensive for just a movie player,that will be no good once Blu-ray win the Nex-Gen format war.

CG4465d ago

This comes from someone who is a waste of space!!

Get a life dip [email protected]!

MissAubrey4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

maybe its because customer satisfacion is higher for hddvd than blu-ray

videl4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

lol, who buys this crap for 200$? and then some xbots say, the ps3 is expensive, loool. i guess gow must be very unpopular.

HyperBear4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

who have looked at both and would rather have HD DVD other than Blu-Ray. Not everyone thinks Blu-Ray is god, like you do. And from the sounds of things, Blu-Ray might fail, so for Xbox ppl to get the HD DVD add-on for 200 bucks, isnt that bad. But me, Im getting both, cause PS3 has Blu-Ray and Im Getting HD DVD for Xbox 360. Why settle for one and choose sides, when you can have both. That way, if one fails, youll still have that one and the other one. Its a non-lose situation. But your a fanboy, so youll say any of that crap just to put it down. And yea, Gears of War is awsome. Try getting a game like that on the 360.

ronscrote4464d ago

But at least that'll be my choice. You don't have a choice; Sony are making you pay for blu-ray.

PS360PCROCKS4464d ago

lmao dude ps3 is almost 21,000 in popularity, GOW is #2 and #9 for both versions so try again

shotty4465d ago

Its certainly cheaper then paying $500 for a standalone HD-DVD player and way more of a deal compared to the $1000 blu-ray players.
As of now there are more than 6 million potential HD-DVD customers that only have to drop $200 to jump to next gen movies.

ThaTeflonDon4465d ago

paying only $200 now for Hi-Def DVD as you will have to pay $600 all at once. And even if Xbox 360 was just coming out tomorrow. Its still an option to purchase. $400 now and pay $200 later is still a lot easier financially as to paying $600 at once....

zypher4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

this may be good news for existing 360 consumers (not for me, as i think both formats are unnecessary), but for future purchasers i just don't see this as a good thing. true, you have a choice; but if you choose 360+HD-DVD combo, you're spending the exact same thing you would for the PS3, sans HDMI, wireless internet, and smaller storage via hard drive. furthermore, HD-DVD add-on is useless for video-games. and if you CHOOSE to purchase the HD-DVD add-on, then you cannot in good-nature complain about the PS3's price, in which case it would be the more sound option.

BIadestarX4464d ago

Apples and oranges... Can you play HD-DVD movies on the blu-ray drive? Then whats with the comparison? Most people buying the 360 HD-DVD addon DO NOT WANT BLU-RAY. So, technically the PS3 is just a game console that happend to cost more than the 360. For those people that want a blu-ray player and the XBox 360 to play Gear Of War; they will not buy the HD-DVD addon. Only if blu-ray could read HD-DVD movies you comparison would be valid.
Also, remember Sony, all Sony fans, and you are depending on the success of blu-ray (some of you even believe blu-ray already won and is on every house), but if you turn out to be wrong; People buying the PS3 would still have to buy an HD-DVD player if they want HD movies. On the other hand XBox gamers can buy just the HD-DVD drive and if blu-ray becomes the standard I'm sure microsoft will make a blu-ray addon. No risk taking required.

zypher4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

i'm not comparing apples to oranges. as far as i'm concerned both formats are sour grapes. my comparison comes from the fact that HD-DVD is useless for gaming, which is all i care about. my 360 games will NOT be on HD-DVD's; all of my PS3 games will be on Blu-ray DVD's. who cares about next-gen movies? i have hundreds of DVD's that work just fine. if you prefer HD-DVD over Blu-ray then thats your prerogative; however, if you do then you STILL cannot complain about the price of the PS3, as it's total package will offer more than the supplemented-package the 360 offers for the same price. and your argument against Blu-ray winning the format war can go for HD-DVD as well. not every 360 owner will buy a HD-DVD player. every PS3 owner will have automatically bought a Blu-ray player (Sony intentionally forcing them or not); meaning that the latter will have a higher installed base than the former.

on a personal note i'm not DEPENDING on Blu-ray to win the format war. i could honestly care less. as a gamer my only interest in the PS3 is for games. if that means that i have to buy a Blu-ray player to get those games then so be it. thats called corp strategizing. the HD-DVD add-on is not necessary for me to play games, thus i'm not getting it.

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