GTA:V - A Parent's Guide - The ESRB Rating Dissected

"With the release of Rockstar Games' highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto:V round the corner, consumer-hype is at an all-time high, and for the parents of children who have succumbed to the roof-lifting levels of anticipation, this article is for you; so join us at CGUK as we closely examine the contents of Grand Theft Auto:V and what they mean to you as the parent."

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ArchangelMike3728d ago

Depending on which country you're in the game is rated 'M', 'R' or '18'. That is, the game is strictly for discernign adults only. Any parent buying this game for their child, or allowing a child to play this game is irresponsible at best, and abusive at worse.

Nitrowolf23728d ago

we all know it's gonna happen, no stopping it obviously.

Now we await for the inevitable FOX News headline "Man who killed played GTA V"

Hellsvacancy3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

My daughter will play GTAV most likely at some point, with me, she plays Red Dead every now and then, she just rides around on a horse or she collects the flowers

I was playing Mafia 2 a while back and she asked if she could have a turn, I passed the controller and she just drove around, trying VERY hard to not run people over or crash the car

She plays Fat Princess mostly, I actually noticed that she had the blood/gore option disabled, she doesn't like it she said

I can imagine her playing GTAV, under my supervision, it's not like i'll leave the game lying around for her to play at will

If that make me an "abusive" parent so be it, GTA is a MASSIVE game by the looks of it with lots to do other than gunning people down, Golf for example, skydiving, all the little mini games

ArchangelMike3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Dude, I don't know how old your daughter is, and how you parent your child is your business... but...

Don't try to validate your own game playing habits by drawing your children into them. Especially mature rated games. There are games that are appropriate for children, and there are games that are not appropriate for children.

Among so many other things, GTA V contains content with women in explicit depictions (e.g. strippers, prostitutes, sex scenes etc). This content is wholly unaccptable to expose a child to, especially a young girl. As again it validates these depictions of women in the mind of the child, and can significantly increase your child's sexual awareness.

You can play GTA V, but what business has your child playing GTA V? Why?

It should not normally be in a child's natural social environment. Which means you will have to introduce something artificially into their social environment which is sexually explicit; and then you try to justify yourself, by saying you are not a bad parent.

Tell that to Social Services, see if they agree with you.

Cam9773728d ago

You soud like a good parent if you're supervising, from your description it sounds like she would be free roaming whilst you watch? I'd say that's fine, the story had the bad stuff!

Hellsvacancy3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

The only way my daughter will see a stripper is if she goes to a STRIP CLUB, which won't happen

What's the harm in her flying a plane like in Just Cause 2, or jetski etc?

If you think i'm going to let her actually play GTA, all missions etc, you are very wrong, like she'll be able to anyway, too many controls

She likes happy games, on a Friday night I let her stay up a little later as there's no school on a Saturday, I only really game when my two kids go bed (I have a son aswel) so Friday night i'll be playing something (keeping in mind who's watching) and she'll ask if she can have a turn, I was playing Skyrim last night, I adopted a child (Heartfire dlc) she loved the idea of it, and she wanted to play it, so she did, just walked around talking to people, although she had a sword it didn't occur to her to use it on anyone even though she could, it's not in her happy nature

Everytime I want to play Dead Nation I have to download it from the PS store because this is the image that is shown on the XMB when you go to select the game http://www.wallchan.com/ima...

I don't want my daughter seeing material like that, so I download it, play it, delete it

GarrusVakarian3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Kudos to you sir, i wish more parents were as attentive and thoughtful as you seem to be. Deleting and re downloading Dead Nation every time you want to play it is really thoughtful (and i know how long those downloads/installs on PS3 take, so again, kudos).


As the man said, there are PLENTY of things to do on GTA5, things that are in no way maturely rated. I don't see a problem with a kid playing GTA5 with an adults supervision.

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Lykon3728d ago

The little brats scream until they get it . Then peace for the adult breeders for many hours. Anyway children are bombarded with materialism, thug culture, rap music , sex , violence from every angel anyway.

Queasy3728d ago

Here is the only guide they need...don't buy it for your freaking underage kid.

creized13728d ago

Thank you, theres a F@cking age rating there for a reason but parents want to come out and complain, somehow..


Ex-Rockstar Dev Sheds Light on Long Lost Game Agent's Development Troubles

Former Rockstar Games technical director Obbe Vermeij has shed light on the developer's long lost spy thriller Agent, which was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2009 but has since disappeared.

Christopher8d ago

I know it's just one person's words, but love to see a game someone paid you to develop being called a 'distraction'.

isarai8d ago

Yeah, like I get that they want to prioritize their baby GTA but still, you're getting paid to do it.

Profchaos8d ago

I think that it's tied up in internal politics given that GTA 4 was being developed alongside it Rockstar knew where it's money was coming from and Jimmy took resources away from GTA which is probably why it was considered a distraction also reading his blog more it seems that a huge chunk of the team was burnt out in GTA in general by the time Sam Andreas shipped so Jimmy presented a more traditional level based game using different rendering techniques and tools something new that everyone wanted to work on rather than another GTA

OtterX8d ago

It's a real shame, I would have liked to see how Rockstar would have pulled off a "Bond" game, with their own twists and pedigree of polish.

porkChop8d ago

Sony didn't pay them to develop it. Sony abandoned LA Noire after spending $20M funding it. When Rockstar decided to publish the game Sony wanted their money back. Instead of paying out $20M (or possibly go to court) they agreed on an exclusive game instead.

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-Foxtrot8d ago

He calls it a distraction but I always assumed they were the ones who went to Sony and made the deal because they wanted L.A Noire to be multiplatform and moved Sony's deal with L.A Noire to something else.

Kind of their way of going "would you rather have a game developed by a studio outside Rockstar or a game made from us directly".

Profchaos8d ago

His blog is really fascinating an actual peak behind the curtain of Rockstar back in the day these guys are probably the most secretive development studio in existence

TheColbertinator7d ago

We all knew it was scrapped but the idea alone blew my mind. I had full confidence Rockstar could make Agent a great game.

RhinoGamer887d ago

Rockstar leadership...the egos...must have been a huge challenge. Having worked in the games industry, I have to say it is exhausting constantly having to prove your point/position. Everyone on the team has a strong (I know best) opinion, and if are in leadership and don't abide them...look out. Now imagine managing the egos/dictates of the Houser bros!


GTA 6’s biggest competition? GTA 5 with mods

GTA 6 looks like it's just over the horizon, and it looks like there's going to be only one game that can compete with it - GTA 5 with mods.

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Mr_cheese14d ago

It's really not.. before long GTA6 will be modded just as much, if not better with what ever tech they bring

Tal16914d ago

Yeah fair point, although GTA V mods really are stunning... very unlikely the base game will come close to some of the most powerful ones out there IMO

PapaBop14d ago

GTA 5 still holds up so well today especially with mods but I imagine many like myself are ready to see what GTA 6 can bring to the table.

GhostScholar14d ago

There’s not a franchise that I’ve grown tired of more than gta. I couldn’t care less about gta 6. Especially if it has multiple protagonists.

Magog14d ago

Nah. Most people don't play GTA on PC