2009 targeted for Crackdown dev's MMO APB

CVG reports: Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds wants to launch its new game, APB, next year.

"We want to launch APB in 2009, which will be pretty much worldwide - including the Asian markets. This is our first big online game", Realtime CEO (and GTA creator) Dave Jones has told Scotsman.

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BigKev453929d ago

I'll pick it up. This one looks good.

sonarus3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

yea i have been hearing a lot of good things about it. Not really into open world games but i definitely have my eye on it. Its apparently an mmo.

dan-boy3929d ago

coming to the 360 next year. huxley, this and champions on-line. it's gonna be good, but expensive! i definatly want apb more than the rest though! if they can pull this off, it's gonna be one cracking game for sure! and possibly something really special!

NegativeCreepWA3929d ago

Age Of Conan also comes out next year.

green3929d ago

Fogot about Age of Conan.2009 is definately the year of the MMO'S

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green3929d ago

APB,Huxley and Champions online will be released before the second half of next year.

APB will definately be the best of the trio.

foodbox3929d ago

I wouldnt say that necessarily.

Champions Universe is being done by the guys behind City of Heroes. They're going to have more freedom now that they've gotten rid of the license from Marvel, and I think that will make it a better game (more creativity).

Huxley, IMO is the sleeper hit of the year. The tactical squad-nature applied to massive battles sounds like so much fun, I cant wait for that game.

And, I'm looking forward to APB more than GTAIV actually (gasp(!)). I want interaction with others more than I need linear narrative.

I vastly prefer to do my gaming online now, and I much prefer interacting with other players.

sleepbox3929d ago

This game may actually get me to agree to pay subscription fees

BubblesDAVERAGE3929d ago

On psu there sayings its a chance its coming to the ps3.....but i wouldnt care..i like the way crimcraft looks better

nutjuice3929d ago

They have NO experience in developing for PS3 so they might as well forget about it and join RARE as a Microsoft first party studio

dan-boy3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

i thought that perhaps microsoft mite have purchased these after crackdown...which was a great game imo! you won't be seeing this on the ps3. and after reading some of the stuff that gets posted on here, i thought that the 360 was already maxed to the hilt, and was dead this year????lol

kids these days ey?!

edit: you are rite sonarus, experience is not a factor! anyway, realtime worlds have been working on this for quite awhile now. that's why this will stay 360/pc exclusive!

sonarus3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I doubt it has anything to do with experience. It will have more to do with Msoft buying exclusitivity or publishing the game like they did crackdown.

@dan- boy Yea but it will be released in 2009. I think a yr is enough time for a ps3 port. Like i said it will be harder and harder for msoft to secure exclusive deals as ps3 install base grows. PS3 has now become a financially viable option. To secure the deal, msoft will most likely have to pay or at least offer up some incentives. But a yr is more than enough for a ps3 port

dan-boy3929d ago

but i think webzen are publishing this aswell as huxley. you never know, they could port this! it would definately be a good thing for the ps3 and the psn. only time will tel though.

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mintaro3929d ago

sweet, ABP is looking like a real nice

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