178 Grand Theft Auto V Leaked Screenshots Show Cars, Skydiving, Flying, Rollercoasters and Much More

Two days to Grand Theft Auto V day, and more leaked screenshots from the game surface, showing quite a lot of interesting elements like several cars, skydiving (and diving without a parachute as well. Don’t try this at home), flying a jet, a rollercoaster you can actually ride, watching TV while high and quite a lot more.

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GarrusVakarian1859d ago

Nope, not looking. Ive seen too much already. Must resist.

vishmarx1859d ago

inb4 people call them bullshots .
theyre taken from leaked console version .
not from r*

GarrusVakarian1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

I think a lot of those screenshots are really bad quality(low res/pixelated), the gameplay ive seen on YouTube was much better quality.

vishmarx1859d ago

i know .ive played it already.far superior to any open world game on consoles as far.and bettr than most even otherwise

RE_L_MAYER1858d ago

I looked with corner of my eye...looks like they got rollercoasters but I expected it cause the pier in game has theme park

Lykon1858d ago

can you ride them . please say yes

creized11859d ago

No, go back to sleep :)

RE_L_MAYER1858d ago

preety much slept all day yesterday from nothing to do and crying about it not being Monday but its all over tomorrow morning as tomorrow is the day im not going to be sleeping

chrissx1859d ago

This game looks insane

Darkfire3691859d ago

Who needs a life when you could have GTA V?

Seriously, though, can't wait!

shaun mcwayne1859d ago

Ive been playing gta 5 for the last 2 days, and I can honestly say dont worry, It looks and plays great.

maximus19851859d ago

can you feel my laser beam of envy? CAN YOU!!!?

Truth1858d ago

Turn that shit down Superman, I felt it from Colorado Springs.

RE_L_MAYER1858d ago

is pop ins are annoying as they say they are?

shaun mcwayne1858d ago

No the pop ins havent been that bad. my character did have a conversation with a guy who was invisible. thats the worst ive seen, it happened once and it was a 10 second chat.
personally i think it looks great.

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