Paper Mario coming to DS

DarkZero writes: "The Japanese based Corocoro Comics report that Paper Mario is on the way to the DS, and will be released this July in Japan. A US release is likely soon after, and Europe will probably get the game further down the line (a lot further if NOE are up to thier usual tricks!).

The game is likely to be a port of the N64 version of the game, which was first released way back in 2001. However, it is possible new additions will be added such as touch control to bring the game up to date."

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PumPum3837d ago

more milking -_-

How about something original nintendo? Wiifit? k lol

destroyah3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Thanks Nintendo this is just what i needed. More Mario games.

PS360WII3837d ago

well they are figuring that so many 3rd parties are treating the DS with originality and awesome support that they can ease up and give us a classic to play. Plus if it is the N64 version that'll be cool because that's the best one ^^

Darkiewonder3837d ago

they can create more original IP that doesn't involve the word "Training".

Nintendo is starting to show ;o

AbyssGravelord3837d ago

As long as they don't make ALL of the controls with the touch screen, im happy.

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