Zelda: Wind Waker HD screenshots

Take a look at some screenshots from Zelda: Wind Waker HD.

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wishingW3L2592d ago

what's the point of this when the screens are sooooo small you can hardly see anything?

josephayal2592d ago

I like Zelda, but this new HD version looks no different

chadboban2592d ago

Watch this in HD and tell me if you still feel that way.

kB02591d ago

I've been watching HD since the release of Dolphin Emulator:D

_QQ_2591d ago

@kBO Yeah but some people want to legally play it and support the company,however if you own the game already then its fine.

chadboban2591d ago


Sure, and let's compare every HD collection to emulation while we're at it.

Wind Waker HD is more than just a resolution bump.It not only adds new lighting, but new shaders and updated textures as well. Not to mention faster sailing, streamlined triforce hunt, hero mode unlocked from the start. faster animations for things like the grappling hook and getting sunken treasure, gyro controls for aiming, better UI and more.

kB02591d ago

I already own it for GC and soon for Wii.U.

I understand that but from the videos it just looks like Wind Waker on ecstasy.

Its very saturated and bloomed.

I do agree the new gameplay is definately awesome, gyro I can pass...

I'm simply saying that I'm not so wind waker deprived as others, and to be fair saving 50$ would've been ideal but I can't pass on a zelda lol.

chadboban2591d ago


Oh okay, that's cool then. I do think the price is bit steep. I do think the Collectors Edition is worth it for the Ganondorf figurine though.

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FamilyGuy2591d ago

Lol you're crazy. I initially thought "What could they do to make it look better? It's already beautiful because of being cell-shaded." Then I watched the comparison video and was blown away.

It's visually stunning, it's a remaster yet worthy of owning a Wii-U for. I was really blow away.

It looks MUCH better.

kB02591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Visually Stunning? I love the game as much as the next person and will prob get it no matter what...but it's not visually stunning... that word is thrown around way too much.

The game is just the Game cube version in HD with Bloom.

Anyway can see that.

Now what you can say is the Bloom compliments it really well and works well for the game.

Either way I'm excited for it, but coming from PC emulation it won't be as big a step up as others from GC version:D

What you can also justify is the gameplay improvements, then yes this is much better:)

FamilyGuy2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

"Bloom compliments it really well and works well for the game."

Yes, this exactly but they have also added some detail as well. It wasn't just raised in resolution. When you look at things like the ship or even dungeon walls you can clearly see more detail in some of the designs.

I wasn't expecting it to look much better so I was literally "stunned" by the "visual" upgrade, therefore it is "visually stunning".
This may not be the case for you but the average Joe out there, like myself, never played it in HD with the Dolphin emulator.

AbortMission2592d ago

Still not paying $50 for a 12 year old Gamecube game.

PopRocks3592591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

It's not a port. It's an HD remake with new gameplay mechanics and features made from the ground up on the newer Zelda's engine.

vakarian752591d ago

Its supposed to be $40 but gamestop felt the demand for the game justified a $50 price tag.

Tiqila2592d ago

where is zelda wii u?

DarkBlood2592d ago

what do you think this was meant to do then?

Tiqila2592d ago

I dont know, tell me! I have played through the Wind Waker several times, the last playthrough is only about 5 months ago, its an awesome game. Now I want a new Zelda and I want it on Wii, if I wanted to play ww I can always power on my gamecube. So why cant I ask where the f**k Zelda wii u is??! Seems like nintendo is focused alot more on its 3DS handheld than on the wii u, which is a pity. I dont like to get fobbed off with a HD remake which I have played in its original form on my cube about 6-7 times through.

ChickeyCantor2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Stop your whining, New Zelda game is in the making. You know Nintendos policy when it comes to releasing new information.

This remake was to make sure that there was at least something zelda until the new game comes out.

Tiqila2591d ago

you like waiting or what is the point of your post? I dont see nintendo putting too much effort into a wii u zelda and all we get is a hd remake... thats why i am concerned.

If you dont want a NEW zelda on your wii u as much as I do, good for you.

ChickeyCantor2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I'm not sure why you are expecting a new zelda title so shortly. I don't want a gimped zelda game because they had to rush it for you.

"If you dont want a NEW zelda on your wii u as much as I do, good for you."
Just don't want a rushed project, this is the FIRST time Nintendo goes HD with a zelda title ( and a wind waker remake isn't exactly a clean slate )

It comes out when it comes out, I have plenty of other games to play ( on other consoles as well )

DarkBlood2591d ago

yeah it sounds like your a fan of rush games @tiqila

FamilyGuy2591d ago

Zelda and Metroid would be nice.