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It looks like Microsoft has removed the ability to purchase games on without having a credit card added to the account. While previously those attempting to purchase even free items would be able to go through with the purchase, now prompts users to change their payment method. If you don't have any credit cards or PayPal accounts on file, they can't make the purchase. This also will disallow members to purchase items using purchased Microsoft points on to purchase items, free or not.

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romancer2791d ago

Since MS points are no longer the basis for transactions, how does the author of this article expect future purchases to be made -- if not a credit card, (or a Virtual VISA debit card, or Paypal account)?

The title is misleading because transactions without regular credit cards ARE allowed.
Personally i use Virtual VISA debit (which acts like a credit card for online transactions but is not a credit card, since it does not involve any credit.)

Sharius2790d ago

ever hear about something call prepaid card?

some ppl don't like to put thier number online so we go for prepaid card

and sony use regular dollar system too FYI

tokugawa2790d ago

how do you put those "regular dollars" on your account?

because i can remember feeding notes into my disc slot. infact i had to use my visa debit card. just like i do with my 360

fredrikpedersen2790d ago

Buy a 50$ card at stores for 50$ with cash or card. Redeem it.

What is so hard to comprehend about PSN/XBL/Steam/whatever cards?

SilentNegotiator2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@romancer, tokugawa
And they're coming out with "Xbox gift cards" to replace points cards.

IDK, maybe you guys are from regions where they don't have these, but most major markets have them.

andrewsqual2790d ago

The article is right. I tried to grab the FIFA 14 demo and some Arcade Trials this week so they would start downloading to the Xbox in our office and it wouldn't let me without a credit card entered in. So the title ISN'T misleading, it is exactly what it says.
Most of you are completely missing the point.

AustinG9092790d ago

If I go to the store, purchase a $20 Xbox currency card, I can't use ANY of that currency unless a credit card is added. If I want to download an item that is listed as free, I can't until a credit card is added.

DarkBlood2791d ago

smells like a way to lock in your credit card really an thats all there is too it.

parentoftheyear2790d ago

Not a big deal. Obviously they had to do this. Pretty sure you have to have a card with apple stuff too.

MaXsPoT2790d ago

Nope, you can buy from iTunes and the App Store (not Apple's store) without a credit/debit card.

Bereaver2790d ago

Max is right, you can buy a gift card to activate an account or not use anything at all to download free apps/games.

Sm00thNinja2790d ago

So.... This is news? There's gotta be a better site similar to N4P

stuff2790d ago

What does this mean for those who make purchases using only voucher cards? For our sake, I hope this isn't true. Otherwise, they are immediately alienating many customers.

Sharius2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

sound like... tier 2 customer

( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Gozer2790d ago

Its for only, not your console.

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