GTA IV DLC to Decide Fanboy War?

This article over at Gameplayer reveals the immense amounts of pressure that Rockstar are under to deliver on GTA IV's DLC and the role it will play in shaping fanboy wars over the rest of this generation.

"Is GTA IV the most anticipated game of all time? Quite possibly, and you would think that with such great expectations would come immense pressure to perform. But strangely this is not that case. Through a carefully orchestrated procession of hands-on demonstrations, much of the world's specialist games media has already established that the title is beyond awesome. This is Rockstar after all. Strangely though, and in a sign of the times, there is more pressure on GTA IV's DLC than there is on the game itself."

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TheREALHarryEtTubMan3839d ago

LOL how about a big fat NO.

How about PS3 is going to kill the 3fixme in worldwide hardware sales for April and beyond.

How about Xbox 360 is a absolute failure.

LightningPS33839d ago

the "Fanboy war" certainly not the console war.

PirateThom3839d ago

Bubble for you.

I firmly believe DLC will only be known by a small percentage of people who will buy GTAIV and will be a factor for an even lower number.

MURKERR3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

the desperation surrounding the holy grail of 'DLC' is due to the fact that 360s line up for 2008 is not as robust as the ps3s and due to the fact the 360 is being outsold on a regular basis since 2008 hit even in its own territory now.

the reason ps3 owners aint to worried about DLC is because there are far too many games coming out for the ps3 and teasers likr R2 just further wet the appetites.

360 had an amazing 2007 but its like it showed its hand too soon in order to win the race but the console war is a marathon not a 100metre sprint.

gta4 will be old news soon remember halo3 it was like the second coming of christ every article was halo3 advertising press events but now look not a mention of the game DLC will be good for 360 owners to bide their time till gears 2 but ps3 owners will be spoilt or choice during that time to

kewlkat0073839d ago

"the reason ps3 owners aint to worried about DLC is because there are far too many"

"gta4 will be old news soon remember halo3 it was like the second coming of christ every article was halo3 advertising press events but now look not a mention of the game DLC will be good for 360 owners to bide their time till gears 2 but ps3 owners will be spoilt or choice during that time to"

-I like it how your the VOICE and REASON for every PS3 owner, as well as Xbox 360 gamers Nice. What about people with multi consoles? tell me the future why dontcha..

This is the first time that certain fans don't care much "DLC" ina a game. Such as, I never beat the game anyways, or I do not have time with other games coming out. Never thought it would ever come to that , for people that actually like game.

MURKERR3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

im not the voice and reason of all ps3 owners im just speaking my views as a ps3 owner,would i rather mgs4,motorstorm2,white knight,haze,r2,kz2,litttle big planet,gtp,getaway,forbidden siren to name a few or DLC to bide my time?thats a no brainer as the 360 line up is looking quite weak
apart from gears2 which i hope does the 360 justice as gears of war1 was the 1st game i would say looked truly next-gen

if your a multi console owner you have the best of both worlds,abit of bioshock here some mgs4 there,its all good.

if i was a multi console owner multi-plat games such as cod4 and gta4 i would buy on the ps3 purely because those are games you will play for long periods of time and rrod can creep up on any 360 owner especially during long lengths of play.

that is my view but kewlkat i like the fact you can debate intelligently without seeing one persons view as a flame so bubbles to you

kewlkat0073839d ago

if you think the 360 line-up only has gears 2 - fine

if you think "additional DLC is there to keep gamers playing one game for half of the year(when there are plenty of games coming out, besides the multi-platform games) - fine

I'm not gonna post no list..since plenty games have people excited but really nobody knows how the games will turn out.

All I'm saying is, last year, the consensus was, all the 360 has is Halo 3, and there were many other games that did very well(you know what they are), especially new IP's. This year the new consensus is Gears of war 2. When there are plenty other games coming out.

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green3839d ago

GTA4 is going to be my 1st GTA4 game,because for some reason it never just appealed to me.GTA4 on the other hand looks different because it seems to have a very good storyline which interests me.

lot of people claim to not bothering to finish the game,but i am usually different and know that i will be in the claimed minority that will play through the main missions.

So if the game ends up very good for me then i will obviously be getting the expansion.But if you are in the claimed majority,then the expansion should not be relevant.

Anyway i think it's a cool feature to have.

dan-boy3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

that's true, but i'm sure that nearly everyone finishes all the MISSIONS! when i play gta, i normally spend a couple of hours doing the missions, get bored, then spend an hour causing havoc. before getting bored with that and turning it off! now will be different because it has on-line modes.

having the option to pay for extra stuff for gta is a great idea! what ever the pro-sony element say on here. it will add life to an already extensive game, and will undoutably sell when it's released!

as for deciding the fanboy wars....thats far too early to say as the dlc is'nt gonna be around for ages!

imo, this is just another lame article from a site that is clearly anti-microsoft. just look at some of their recent threads that have found their way on here:

microsft in gta panic: because an ausie car stereo installer was gonna buy gta for the ps3 because in did'nt know it was on the 360??!!

microsoft is really panicking about gta: because they are gonna be doing a gta bundle???

rockstar has screwed microsoft: because they're doing a ps3+gta bundle. when the week before they claimed that the same thing made microsoft look desperate. and they totally forgot that! plus, the fact that rockstar are the developer, not the publisher!

microsoft is screwing gamers: on the top of the page now!

and now this rubbish! but that's want wants nowadays, anti-microsoft stuff, to satisfy the anti-microsoft people that run the site, and the anti-microsoft people that proliferate this site!

belal3839d ago

but this game wont decide non.

it will be a great game but still not big enough to decide the war. i think that after this year the ps3 will come mutch closer to 360. but not pass it before 09.

Britjadg3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

i think gta4 dlc will push 360 software sales and even some hardware sales. When it comes to the actual DLC, there'll be less interest, but people who buy the game will want to keep their options open and if you get on ps3 you limit that option from the get go.

dont get me wrong, i'll b buying it on ps3 as its the only console i have, but i think "new" next gen customers keen ONLY for this game will be more inclined to buy 360 version. As with all console wars though the consumer generally chooses the console with the variety of games they think they'll enjoy most: (for me it was the prospect of MGS, Killzone and FF - hence i bought the ps3, but alot will also choose 360 based onmass effect, halo, bioshock and gears of war)

bottom line is that if the consumer were only interested in GTA4, with the DLC, xbox version is "superior" (i hate that word) but i dont think that will ultimately be the deciding factor. 2 weeks to go though, so we'll see.

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