Battle of the Wolves - Okami or Zelda?

Gameplayer has gone live with an in-depth look at the Wii version of cult classic PS2 release Okami.

"Why then, doesn't the average gamer already have a copy of Okami proudly perched in his 'pool room' already? It's a difficult question; and while we could sit here and wax intellectual with another random wolf metaphor lifted from the National Geographic channel, or spend time listing the various accolades Okami has rightfully earned, the truth is we are completely stumped as to why this awesome game didn't sell very well."

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wiizy3837d ago

yeah pick up okami and zelda if you never bought it

cooke153837d ago

Yet another AAA game for Wii :) but all N4g likes to talk about is when something negative comes up for wii.

Will buy this