We wait for Wii/PS3 at Toys R Us (Boston Edition: Part 1)

From "A sturdy bunch of New Englanders are braving the near freezing overnight temperatures for their chance to pre-order a Wii and/or PS3 at Toys R Us tomorrow morning. All those that arrive are greeted by a sign stating there will be 8 PS3 pre-orders and 20 of the Wii. The 8 PS3 people are already in line and most of them are doubling up on the Wii, they've been told by management that's OK. They've been told that somebody may show up at 4 AM to hand out pieces of paper to confirm their spot, but they'll have to wait and see if that's true. Oh, did we mention that the clocks get turned back an hour tonight?"

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kewlkat0075348d ago

This Toy R Us is 15 mins from my house. Interesting, you should only be alowed to pre-order one I think not both,(Wii&PS3).

scriptkiddie5348d ago

Funny how must of the people are selling them on eBay. It's the only reason i would buy one.

peksi5348d ago

I've noticed scriptkiddie clicking "lame" on every news with word PS3 in it. The purpose of the voting is to tell whether the news concerns you and if it does do you think it's cool or lame. It's not meant to be the voice of your childish anti-PS3 campaign or whatever.

andy capps5348d ago

I wasn't able to line-up to get a pre-order, but I tried calling them around noon and they were all out. If I don't get one at launch, oh well, but I'm still going to try to get one at Sam Club or pre-order one through Gamestop or EB Games websites once they start the pre-orders.

scriptkiddie5348d ago (Edited 5348d ago )

I notice peksi voting "cool" on every PS3 article. He must be a Fanboy.

Other Post he States:
"Yet another copy from Microshaft"

"Windows: OS/2 ripoff, Word: a WordPerfect ripoff, Internet Explorer: a Netscape ripoff, Xbox: a PS2 ripoff, Zune: an iPod ripoff, Xboy: a GameBoy ripoff. Where the hell is Microsoft's innovativity?? Sold away for $$$?? "

He is a true Fanboy. Like sony says he would buy the console even if there were no games for it!!!! He is the prime example!

kmis875348d ago

His behavior doesn't excuse yours.

peksi5347d ago

Some critisism is always good, MS have got it coming for decades (before you we're born actually) and I've been around all that time to see their tricks'n'treats.

You may call me a "fan" if you like but "boy" is not quite descriptive anymore.. and actually it's more like anti-fan? All this crazy MS worshipping just makes me wanna balance out a bit.

Still I don't go around clicking "lame" on every Xbox article ;)