Rumour: Here's What Rockstar Removed From Australian/NZ GTA IV

Rockstar edited GTA IV for Australia. It gave a vague statement regarding the edits. Everyone thought New Zealand would get the unmodified game, as its classification board gave it an R-rating. Gameplanet NZ broke the bad news that this was, in fact, not the case.

Yet there's still one puzzle piece to this saga that remains stuck between the toes of PR machine: What did Rockstar take out of the AU/NZ build?

There's a good chance this may be that piece...

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Rattles3837d ago

I hope thats all it is. "crossing fingers"

Gazman3837d ago

If thats all I could not care less, but if there is more to it hello imports.

Storm233837d ago

Haha! That mission will be hilarious!

Ro11z3837d ago

poor AU/NZ they will be missing out :( lol

Ace-Jury3837d ago

ill have to import the full version

PirateThom3837d ago

Remember, kids, if DLC isn't a big deal or you only have a PS3, the PS3 is region free, so import from America to get the whole bloody affair.

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The story is too old to be commented.