The Precursors Trailer

Impossibly ambitious space shooting, role-playing, first-person action game from Deep Shadows.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

It's nice to see somthing new from this game, it's been so long. This game is for the explorer, for those gamers that want the quest to never end, It's like Oblivion times two in length. It's not the prettiest game to look at but the FPS/RTS/RPG gameplay and never ending galaxy to explore make it on my list.

heyheyhey3841d ago


i have never heard of this game

it looks good though, might pick it up for PC

green3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

It looks good visually but on paper it is more impressive with all the genres they are trying to blend under one package.Also the organic weapons shown in the previous trailers looked great.

It will be impressive if they sucessfully pull it off but i need see more because i am still a bit sceptical.Hopefully they will reveal alot more at E3 08.

MK_Red3841d ago

Ambitious doesn't even begin to describe this game. On one hand, it's an RPG like Oblivion in space with guns, kinda like an FPS Mass Effect but then the game is really an FPS in comabt. It's also a mech warrior game. Last but not least, it's a free space exploration game like Free Lancer.

Can't wait.

tony3841d ago

disagree with all of you but i think this game looks very average. nothing special.

Richdad3841d ago

May be the graphics are not excellent but the game has huge planet territories and gives seamless roaming in planet. So the graphics are good on that account. Also the concept is rather interseting. I mean FPS/RPG with space sim and there is also this inteaction part with various civilizations and shopping too.

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