How did you blow your NES cartridge?

When it comes to blowing, everyone has their own ritual/technique in getting the job done. Heck, some of you went as far as banging it and slamming the damn thing wherever possible. How did you blow your Nintendo cartridge? The following are descriptions of some of the known and more popular techniques used to get an NES cartridge to work.

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kewlkat0074464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

Talk about old-school cartridges..

unleash bass4464d ago

Having to turn the PS1 & Ps2 upside down.

Jak4ever4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

This brings back so many memories!.. I used to Blow my games for a while, and when that didnt work id shove it in the NES slot at slight angle over and over.. but Blowing the games was the IN thing to do for me and my pack of misfit, unhinged pack of friends.

andy capps4464d ago

Pretty much the same variation. Blow in it, try it, get the weird screen, turn of NES, take out cartridge and blow in it some more. There were some classic games back then man: Contra, Double Dragon, some kind of Kung Fu game, the Knockout game, Super Mario 3, and of course Zelda.

Tempo4464d ago

[email protected] right there....i used to clasp the cartrige and blow on it give a few taps blow on it again then insert it with the top edge slightly out and press down ...heh works everytime!!

kornbeaner4463d ago

If you had played for awhile i would stick the NES in the freezer for a quick chill. if that didn't work clean both the cart and reader slot in the console with a q-tip and alcohol. if still no i would get a bottle of my moms nail polish push the cart down and wedge the bottle in between the top of the console and the cart. I still had more but this will wund up being a college length essay if i went to detail.