Pocket Gamer: Hands on with BioWare's Sonic RPG - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Pocket Gamer writes: "A surprise highlight at Nintendo's Media Summit held last week in San Francisco was a fully playable demonstration of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Like the love child birthed from a union of hedgehog and level 50 elf, this unlikely role-playing take on Sonic is more than just a beautiful roll through a dark spot in the long-running franchise.

Neither BioWare nor Sega would divulge details on the game's plot, but we do know that Sonic Chronicles will see the speedy hedgehog team up with series standbys Tails, Amy and others to defeat a mysterious evil that is hell-bent on destroying their world (surprise!). The role-playing clichés don't stop there, though. Oh no, Sonic Chronicles treads a well-worn path of level grinding action and point-based character development."

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ItsDubC4983d ago

I'm very interested in this actually. It seems Sega is trying pretty hard to resurrect their mascot. Bring it =)

PS360WII4983d ago

Yeah for sure! The combat sounds fun and even if you flee you need some input to make sure you do what you want. I like the chaos are like equipment for drain or fire damage during attacks. Good stuff ^^