Gamedaily: Pop Preview - Cute, colorful and addictive, Pop is one of Nintendo's most competitive WiiWare games

Gamedaily writes: "Pop is one of those deceptively simple games that'll suck up hours of your time. Developed as part of Nintendo's WiiWare downloadable game lineup by a company called Nnooo, Pop challenges you to use your remote to pop bubbles on screen, the goal to not only add to your point total but the clock, which always counts down. Keep the clock running and you'll increase your score. Let it run out, and it's game over.

The entire game is played with bubbles, thousands upon thousands that clog the screen. You compete against other players, moving your cursor onto bubbles and pressing A to pop them. What ensues is madness, as each player furiously pops the bubbles in the hopes of outscoring the other. But there's more to the game than just simple popping. You can also earn multipliers that'll increase your totals, as well as pop multiple bubbles at once by clicking a bubble and zigzagging it across the screen. Doing this makes it grow, and detonating it near other bubbles causes a chain reaction."

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