GTA V For Xbox 360 and PS3 Leaked Via Torrents – Gets Heavily Pirated Prior To Launch

Only three days are left in the launch of Rockstar’s GTA V yet the game is already available through torrents for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The GTA V torrents were uploaded yesterday but since their release have been downloaded by legions of impatient fans who are just contributing to piracy.

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GreenRanger2684d ago

Pirates (not hackers) ruin everything.

Raccoon2684d ago

i love to support the developers of my hobbies from games to music and sports i just love to show some love... Because without them life would be about working to pay bills!

Hydrolex2684d ago

Cheap poor bastards, there are games that are worth pirating, the shitty rushed games...

but games like gta v, doesnt matter how poor I am, I will pay for it to support rockstar because rockstar takes care of its fans

Hydrolex2684d ago

"Pirates ruin everything"

ehh god knows how many songs, tv shows, movies and games we have downloaded...

xPhearR3dx2684d ago


Not trying to defend the pirates here, but I'm sure there's plenty of "pirates" who downloaded it just so they could play early and then purchase their copy come Tuesday. Sadly, I know a few who are doing just that. They just like having things before everyone else.

Plus, if you look around those websites who leak games. Rockstar is one of the few devs pirates actually have a lot of respect for and will still purchase a copy just to support them.

aCasualGamer2684d ago

I don't support pirating games, that's nasty if it's a hobby of yours. But i doubt there's so much pirating of GTA V because people aren't willing to pay for it, i think they are... hell who wouldn't be willing to pay for this awesome game. I think it has to do with the fact that they are able to play it now and now have to wait a week.

Shadonic2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

@ Casual Gamer trust me there's people who will pirate it just because its free and don't care. I have one friend whose payed 100$ to mod his 360 but still has to fork up 10 bucks to a guy to get the game just because its cheaper. Then I have another guy whose saying hes going to pirate it off some site because hes saving up for next gen.

The sad thing is that they both have Jobs at Wal- mart and boast about it as if there making 100,000 a year where I'm here with no Job and can still purchase all of my games.

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SolidStoner2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

hackers are worse in real life...

not trying to defend someone here, but..
pirates only share content to people who cant really afford it (in other hand, if you buy gaming console in first place, you should be able to buy GTA5 for it :)).. while hackers are those who ruin websites, puts down networks, make viruses and worse.. just saying..

This far I downloaded some unpopular games from torrent just to test them on PC.. if I like them, I buy on my PS3.. nice way to review the game yourself before buying.. (it's not like GTA5 needs any testing.. it will be massive, epic and good looking!!) ;)

EDIT: also pirated GTA5 is worth nothing.. it is only a copy, you cant play it online and there is no automatic updates and so on...

Baka-akaB2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

If it was about those who can or cannot afford it , for starters they would have the decency of waiting for the game's official release . It would force the hungry folks who can actually afford the game that are in a hurry to purchase it .

Those groups do it for bragging rights and fame , just like many hackers

Scatpants2684d ago

A pirated copy updates just like a normal one.

Deadpoolio2684d ago

If you can't afford it then you shouldn't have it end of story plain and simple.....Gaming is not a need it is a want....I can't stand people who try and defend it using the excuse that they're poor and really want to play the game, they they should damn well wait till they can afford it.

gigoran2684d ago

Right, because it's not like they ever took an entire console network service offline and stole credit card details while at it. Or stole data about the upcoming console for Microsoft from their computers. Or stole user names, passwords, and credit card details from online games and website.

No, you're right, it's the pirates that are the bad guys.

SatanSki2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Equally with ovepricing
Not to mention devs constantly try to mislead us with false advertisement, hidden truths and such. Hard to symhathise with them.

TheBurger292684d ago

getting gta 5 for $60 is a steal, the game is worth $100. and people pirating it is fucking sick! Rockstar deserves every penny from this amazing game.

RickHiggity2684d ago

I'm still going to say Hackers are worse, just because ruining the actual gameplay experience is hella not cool to me. But I can't just not support the developers.

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TrevorPhillips2684d ago

Bloody pirates, why don't you just wait until Monday night/Tuesday until the game comes out rather then downloading it and playing it then next minute copping a ban. Support the companies by buying their games which they've worked hard on!

PsyMonk3y2684d ago

Well said couldn't agree more.

Gazondaily2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Pirates or not...this game will sell loads. Doesn't justify it though.

Good things come to those who wait.

Hufandpuf2684d ago

People pirate on console too.

ginsunuva2684d ago

That was the joke. GtaV isn't even on PC yet.

Stsonic2684d ago

There really is no need to pirate on PC these days considering the amount you can get for a very cheap price. A pc gamer only has to wait no more than 3 months after a game release and get it for less than $10.

Humble bundle is an absolute steal and at the same time you are supporting charity.

animegamingnerd2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

so what was the whole point of that petition to stop the game from releasing on PC ? why don't we start a petition to cancelled every game in development while we're at it XD

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