GameTap: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Preview - From the makers of Baldur's Gate comes...a Sonic RPG?

GameTap writes: "While the phrase "it's a Sonic RPG for the Nintendo DS," sounds somewhat preposterous, that is, in all fairness, the best way to describe BioWare's foray into DS game development. Take what you expect from a BioWare role-playing game--the emphasis on narrative, dialogue trees, multiple party members that provide unique dialogue and combat options, numerous side quests, a 20 hour experience--and add, well, Sonic to the mix.

Story-wise, BioWare personnel are being fairly secretive about the story, only disclosing that it will have the requisite twists and turns, and that the story starts off pretty light but soon goes in a darker direction. But right now, all I know is that the story begins with Sonic on vacation and receiving an urgent phone call--which is pretty much how every Sonic game begins."

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