‘Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs’ Is a Mad Scientist’s Terrifying Tale | TechZwn Review

Foresight can be a disturbing thing, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs paints this well in its story of scientist and inventor locked behind the walls of his own business empire, filled with ideals, and maddened by what the world will inevitably become.

Yet, there is a twist to this character. He awakes in his caged bed from fever dreams and can remember only that his children are somewhere. And his amnesia allows him to see himself from fresh eyes, to see what he became, and possibly to redeem his misdeeds.

So he sets off into this labyrinth of horror to save from the terrors that await as he delves deeper into the machine of his own creation.

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ATi_Elite1886d ago

Been playing Amnesia and Outlast all night and WOW Amnesia is Awesome and so is Outlast.

I can't choose between the two but both are so friggin fun and SCARY Intense.

A great Friday the 13th for me!