Sony vs Nintendo in the motion sensitive arena

There's been an enormous amount of brouhaha about whether or not Sony added the motion sensitive feature to their controller after Nintendo announced the Wii, or if they had been planning it all along. Now Sony fanboys are claiming, via the YouTube video after the jump, that they had motion sensitive controllers back on the original PlayStation, so Nintendo must have copied the idea from Sony. Nobody seems to notice that it wasn't Sony who made the motion sensitive controller back then. Since it was pre-2000, then it's ancient history, in Net-time.

The only thing the video proves is that third-party manufacturers (like Pelican) made motion sensitive controllers, Sony had nothing to do with it. In fact, Pelican made motion sensitive controller paks for the N64, which also incorporated vibration as well, and this was back in what, 1998? What's really puzzling is that Sony isn't able to (or unable to, due to the Immersion lawsuit) make both the vibration and the motion sensitive technology work in their PS3 controllers. It's been seven years since Pelican packed this technology into a PS1 controller and both work. Seems like technologically they'd be able to make it work come November.

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FordGTGuy4465d ago

"We Can't Read Your Mind, Just Your Movement"

Yo Wassap4465d ago

not bad Ford. I still think that Ninty wiill come out trumps in this area. The wii is created around motion sensor tech, not the PS3.

12Volt4465d ago

I'm sorry, please never link us to Wiistiq

Karibu4465d ago

sooooo interesting...

ChickeyCantor4465d ago

i know for sure.......after a while....nintendo will put motion hardware in the classic controllers....and it would support all games including 2d....just like sidewinder freestyle controller....laughed my ars off playing supermario world on de snes( emulator) with tilt function XD