Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Holy Long Wait Time, Batman

From Loot Ninja:

"I got my copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for the PS3 today. I've been anxiously awaiting this title for a while, as I've been a huge fan of the series and racing games in general. So when I put the game in my PS3, I was more than ready to race. Here's a breakdown of what happened:

9:24pm - Loaded the game, started the install process
9:37pm - Install ended (13 minutes total, using 5349MB)
9:38pm - Began downloading the game update
9:42pm - Error occurred during download, had to start over
9:44pm - Began downloading the game update… again
9:51pm - Update finished, needed to hold the PS button to quit the game
9:52pm - Restart game, going through menus
9:53pm - Begin car shopping (you have to buy a car first with the 35k credits you have before you can race)
10:01pm - Bought car after looking for a while for what I can afford (settled on Mazda RX-8)
10:07pm - Finally finished first single player race (2:52 total race time)

So as you can see, if you get the Blu-Ray version of the game, it's going to take you an absurd amount of time sitting there doing nothing waiting to actually play the game. Seriously, this is just ridiculous. It took 40 minutes before I was able to actually play the game."

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Brian52473890d ago

Whine Whine Whine, that's all you ungrateful PS3 owners do anymore. God forbid you actually enjoy a game or the free firmware updates.

taz80803890d ago

this isnt even a full game? how long will the full title take to load on our systems. I agree it's not something to commit sicide over but 40 minutes is a bit steep. But kydos to SOny for GT5 prologue, they will make some serious bank off it for sure.

Frulond3890d ago

I hate these kind of stories about a-holes whining
this is L-A-M-E

i got the JP version of this game and had to go through this in a JP server... took a long time and i ont care, but i ordered the us version cause i don't know japanese at all and since the update has been almost impossible for me to understand what the screen says XD

oh and also want to play in a US server :P

eyeDEVOUR3890d ago

and he was playing the game if he was looking through menus and car shopping...which im my case thats the 1st thing i will do tomorrow when i get it is see whats new and look at every single car...thats part of the GT experience to me...and car shopping is strategy because GT is really like an RPG...and thats one of the best lets see how far you get blindly buying cars and sh!t lol....

fukin cry

drunkpandas3890d ago

Since I don't feel like posting in the open zone and arguing, this is in way whining. Having to wait 40 minutes to actually play the game after you first launch it is absurd. I can understand more and more games needing installs, but 40 minutes including the required updates? Come on

fiercescuba3890d ago

yeah that amount of time for a racing game is absurd

sonarus3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I don't really understand your comment. However 40mins to play is extremely annoying but its not going to kill anyone.

For me it really isn't the time its more of the hard drive space. Installations for me are just a waste of hard drive space. That is why i will be downloading the title straight from the ps store. As for time i bet there are a bunch of things i could do in 40 mins while i wait to play and the funny thing is none of them involve making a sandwhich

drunkpandas3890d ago

Not just a racing game, any game. People went nuts over the 22 minute install of Devil May Cry 4, which was pretty bad. But almost doubling that with a first party title for the install and update on launch day?

gambare3890d ago

pretty much but not lethal

ianp6223890d ago

I think somebody needs to make a sandwich.

Just kidding of course. I got the Japanese version, so I had only one mandatory wait, and I just kept putting off the update because it took so long. I think it took about an hour for the first update, and then an hour for the Spec II update.

kapedkrusader3890d ago

If you take away the error, this guy only lasted 13 minutes. Since when is picking out your vehicle "loading time"? Is everyone here insane? In addition, GT5: Prologue is not a complete game, everyone knows that. So stop acting like it's a big friggin' surprise that updates are required.

tweaker3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Don't you guys have other things to do within the waiting period? Do something, prepare your custom GT c0ckpit, or go workout for 40mins if you have to. Not a problem for me as I am always occupied. Gaming is what I love and I make room for it in my daily lifestyle. Waiting 40 minutes is minor stuff.

Now its time to pick up my copy when I get off from work.

choldstare3890d ago

Sorry about the the 13 minutes you had to wait to install the game but sounds like the internet messing up is your ISP's fault not the games fault. Sorry about the game developers providing you with fixes and updates to the game. Also sorry about the game not being simple like mario kart where you just have to choose a car and jump in. Buy a Wii perhaps since you sound like an impatient child Wii and mario-kart might be your solution?

Delive3890d ago

How long did it take to play the next race? The next after that? Faster after that point I bet.

Now if you want to complain, do it about something like HSG5's online tournaments where you wind up waiting Well past the 40 minutes you mention. Just for a perspective.

deeznuts3890d ago

It took me MUCH longer than 40 minutes. I went to install the game, and it took about 13 minutes. Since I was waiting, I decided to have some Taco Bell. When i was done, the Taco Bell had worked its magic, and I had to take the Browns to the Super Bowl, so to speak. That took 30 minutes. Then I had to do the update, that took 7 minutes. Then my GF called, took me 20 minutes to get rid of her ...

Seriously, I see 13 minutes install, 7 minute update. The rest can't be counted.

Delive3890d ago

Hurt myself laughing at that. You'll hear from my lawyer :-)

I heard that eating Taco Bell can give the Browns a great running game though.

Bub from me to you.

tweaker3890d ago

"Then my GF called, took me 20 minutes to get rid of her ... "

HAHAHAHA that was the funniest part right there.

Just be lucky you're not living with her yet. HA

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himdeel3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

This going to sound TOTALLY sarcastic, but you do realize you payed for an unfinished product? Your situations are like being extremely HUNGRY for a breakfast item and paying for a pretty white box that has the word "Cereal" in bold black letters on it. You have a really good idea of what you're going to get but you cant be certain. While I hate that you all who really enjoy this title had to deal with the load time etc these developers toss slop at gamers and we lap it up like swine :(

taz80803890d ago

I agree with you. Dont get me wrong GT5 prologue is sexy but it is an incomplete version of a game and we celebrate it? We also live with an hour long load time. Ouch. Sony stepped up with a decent title and free online, but geez, 40 plus minutes, ouch. I guess that will give me some time to catch up on more Bioshock.

monkey nuts3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

it took me longer than 40 minutes, more like an hour as the the update process kept failing due to so many people downloading it on launch day (uk). i was pi$$ed, but no-where near enough to start whining over the interweb about it. I was happy in the knowledge that the update brought 20 odd extra cars, a new track and online play for free... nada. anticipation heightens the pleasure

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