GTAIV To Have Rockstar, Take Two Swim In Money

James at says: How much do you think the typical game makes? Most developers and publishers hope for a million copies to be sold, so roughly in the tens of millions. That's the general hope.

Screw hope...

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boogeyman9993863d ago

Heh, 400 Million? Setting your expectations for "the best launch in gaming history" is being a bit too optimistic don't ya think?

Exhaust3863d ago

These estimates are conservative.

Clinton5143863d ago

Exaggerated expectation + out of context photo. :|

aaron58293863d ago

They dont need to advertise their games with mountain dew...

Hehehe... *shield up*

IntelligentAj3863d ago

I like Halo alot but if there was ever a game to break that record..I'd be hard pressed to find a better contender than GTA4, on 2 platforms!!Hell how much did San Andreas make for the PS2?Vice City?GTA3? Come on.

jkhan3863d ago

Not too sure about 400 million, but GTA4 will and should break Halo3's record. I mean its coming on huge install base if we combine ps3 and 360.

RecSpec3863d ago

"Sources close to publisher Take-Two Interactive, whose Rockstar Games label is developing and releasing the title, said that the latest installment of the hit franchise will reach that figure and sell some 6 million units after it launches worldwide on April 29."

A good 20 percent more than Halo 3 if this is accurate.

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The story is too old to be commented.