An Interview with Duke Nukem

Zergwatch interviews the man with Balls of Steel, Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem. Find out what Jon does, while he waits pretty much forever like everyone else for Duke Nukem Forever. What does Jon have to say about the Duke Nukem Forever release date?

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omb3838d ago

What a total loser this guy is $50 for a 30 second recording my god. No wonder DNF is the most laughed about game since Derek Smart's Battlecruiser. Even Derek got it out the door in the end. lol.

zergwatch3837d ago

your comment should probably be in the other zone, but unless you're poor and live with mom, $50 for a 30 second recording of your own script in a duke nukem voice is an amazing deal!

Think of the possibilities.

Karebear3837d ago


The problem is... not many people REMEMBER Duke's voice. I bet most people here never got a chance to play the old games.

I'd be all excited that I had Duke's voice as my mailbox message, and then I just KNOW people would be saying, "Whose the dude on your voicemail?"