Circuit City Final Fantasy XII $37.99 -- for real

Circuit City is selling Final Fantasy XII for $37.99 USD starting this Tuesday, a full $12 less than any of the major U.S. electronic retail stores. Yeah, we're surprised by it as well. Not only does today's Circuit City flyer in your local newspaper have the price listed at $37.99, but the online price is listed as $37.99. It's as real as it gets. Of course, this means nothing to those lucky people that caught CompUSA breaking street date.

We've even contacted a few Circuit City stores and, just like other retailers, they say their copies are currently sitting in the warehouse ready for distribution -- but they aren't breaking street date. So, Circuit City has the copies, they are $12 less than anybody else and are ready to pick up first thing when the store opens on Tuesday. Come on, not to be completely jaded, but what's the catch?

A call has been placed to Circuit City PR to find out if there is something we are missing and why they are selling the game for such an amazing price. The only thing that doesn't jive is that the flyer says Tuesday, but online says Thursday as release.

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