Kane & Lynch Free DLC to Offer 250 Achievement Points

Eidos is releasing four new downloadable maps for the Fragile Alliance multiplayer mode in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. The maps will be downloadable for free on April 17, from Xbox LIVE and from the Playstation Network for the PS3. The new maps will be released in one downloadable pack entitled 'The Dope Bag', with each of the four maps featuring its own unique scenario. There will also be an additional 250 Xbox 360 achievement points to earn based on the downloadable content.

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PS360PCROCKS3836d ago

I just demoed this tonight...subpar graphics, terrible controls, wtf is go to cover and HOLD the cover button (maybe i'm dumb?) you shoot all over the screen, the reticule flies everywhere and can't be adjusted (demo) the ps3 controller, god knows why I DLed that version, most uncomfortable FPS controller EVER. This game is full of suck, thank you EA

DarkRayneRules3836d ago

This is what I like to see. Free DLC, woudln't have it any other way. :) Kane and Lynch rocks, I don't care what the reviews say. And it kicks butt on xbox live. Some people need to stop listening to what everyone else says and try to appreciate games for what they are and stop comparing them. Comparisons are death. Believe it!