10 Things You Must Do Before Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

It's two weeks before the biggest game of 2008 releases. So what will you do for the remaining 14 days? This article will tell you the 10 things you must do before playing GTAIV. Only a true GTA gamer would try to do them all. UPDATE: Link was broken, I fixed it. Sorry.

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Spydiggity3837d ago

wish i could have those 2 minutes back...

Storm233837d ago

Yep. That article was weak.

Gazman3837d ago

WOW pre-order and buy points/credits, thats one thing I did not even think about. come on how old is this guy, what a waste of space and time

Asurastrike3837d ago

The week of the 28th we are having STAR testing at my school, and I'm a senior so we just sit in homeroom and hang out the entire week. I WON'T be showing up that week.

Fade_Walker3837d ago

#10 for me is just about impossible, considering that I reserved it at a Gamestop, and i work for that Gamestop.

Thats alright, 2 weeks after GTA IV is my finals then I'll have the whole summer to play it...because with these gas prices I don't plan on going anywhere (besides work)

njd823837d ago

And they'll keep coming.

(not sure if there has been that many....maybe more, not as many Mario games as there are on the Wii though)

Yaster3837d ago

"Got a PS3 and Xbox 360? You better choose which system to buy it on! The 360 version will have exclusive downloadable content. Just a reminder..."

To be honest there are 2 factors I'm taking into account over which version I am getting and DLC isnt one of them.

I havent Pre-Ordered as I never do, for any games, so...

1 I will go for which ever is avaliable, this is more likely to be the PS3 version because of the lower install base

2 Which ever version is cheaper. 360 games are usually cheaper for multiplatform titles.

So it can still go either way, but its more likely to be the PS3 version as I see most shops having sold out. And I'm too late to pre order anyway, tried to phone Gamestation and they were only taking names for a call back list

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The story is too old to be commented.