The Wonderful 101′s Launch Trailer is a Mighty Fine Action-Fest

As the North American launch of The Wonderful 101 approaches, Nintendo has released an awesome new trailer for the game, highlighting the Unite Morphs and spectacularly fun-to-watch action of the game.

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thomasmiller2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Sorry the stupid critics lose on this one!
this is going to be an awesome game! cannot wait to get it!!

admiralvic2571d ago

"Sorry the stupid critics lose on this one! "

Most review scores were fairly high for this one... just some were fairly low. I mean, it has an 79/100 score on Metacritic. If averaging an 8 out of 10 is enough to make critics "stupid", then I really don't know what to say.

2571d ago
admiralvic2571d ago

@ Gamingsince75

I suppose they could be referencing those people, but there are always people that don't get a game or rate it low for whatever reason. Not like this one is special or in any way unique.

thomasmiller2569d ago

if kill zone 4 were to get the exact same scores, then the critics be stupid right?

admiralvic2569d ago

Nope. Reviews are opinions and I respect that for the most part. The only exception is when something is obviously reviewed by the wrong person. Like Aliens CM being a 3/10 is something I would believe, but GTA V scoring a 3/10 I find impossible to believe. Though if someone wants to write a review where KZ is a 6 or 7, then I would probably be okay with that. Maybe even a 5 if they can justify it, so yeah.

X1PS4WiiU2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Its funny, some of the low review scores this game was getting started to get to me. So I went to play the demo again and remembered how awesome this game is.

This game is ahead of its time. For the people this game clicks with, its a true gem in gaming history.

KonsoruMasuta2571d ago

Where did you see low scores? All of the reviews I read were moderate to positive.

X1PS4WiiU2571d ago

Lowest ive seen is 3/10. There was a 2.5/5, and some 6/10's.

Realplaya2571d ago

Yeah there are a ton of bad review scores and then people got scared off. My theory is this is I said jump off a cliff from which you will surely die and it will be fun. Would you do it or say naugh I am ok?

So with that if you doubted the game you need to play the demo that's where the real fun is.

admiralvic2571d ago

"So with that if you doubted the game you need to play the demo"

You should ALWAYS play the demo if you're unsure and go off reviews / public opinions last.