Is PC Gaming on the Decline?

It seems that PC gaming is becoming less and less popular as consoles are slowly taking over.

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bloodshed3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

here we go again with this sh** people don't have nothing else better to talk about


Pathard3890d ago

PC gaming isn't on the decline. It's doing just fine. There are THOUSANDS of PC gamers, and yes, many do buy games. I buy games. There are some which.. I don't, but fr good reasons..

1) The game is ancient and no longer sold.
2) The game looks good, but there is no demo. (Yes, I just play the first few levels before I buy)

Still, I know many people that do the same for demo-less games. Still, PC gaming wont be dead for a while. Especially with WoW still going strong as well as many other MMOs and FPS games.