The Double-Edged Knife Known as DLC

Is Downloadable content here to stay? Or are the developers testing the water for future plans?

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3839d ago

Millions are buying it, I think it's safe to assume it's here to stay.

DarkRayneRules3839d ago

I miss actually unlocking stuff from finishing games. Extra modes, costumes, music videos... it made you want to play the game again, see what you get next time. Now all you get is some points, and lets face it, they're only there to look pretty. After a while of replaying a game over and over for 10 points you begin to feel like something has gone wrong with video games. I think they could at least give you some free microsoft points or something. Or maybe you could unlock down loadable content by doing in game stuff, they could give you a code or something. I would like to see downloads relate to gaming more, and become more user friendly, and less of a money making scam. I like the whole downloadable content thing, but it adds up, and some of it is just rubbish. There should be someway to try then buy or something. I have to say though I'd much prefer to play hard and unlock character skins, then pay like 100 points per skin. Where is the rewards for our hard work? And besides, people would be much more jealous if you actually had to work for your content, you know it makes it more elitist so that only those who work for it get it. Either way, downloadble content (at the moment), just seems like a crappy way to get more money out of gamers, or make it easier to push games out quicker and add extras later.