Final Fantasy All The Bravest Now Out On Android

Gear up you Final Fantasy fans as Square Enix has just released a new mobile game using the Final Fantasy brand called Final Fantasy All The Bravest. Now, this isn’t a full fledged Final Fantasy mobile title but kind of a fanfare casual game. The gist of the game is you continuously battle enemies with your party made up of various classic Final Fantasy characters as you traverse familiar locations. It seems if you’ve played any Final Fantasy games before and have fond memories of them, Final Fantasy All The Bravest is a game catered to you.

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kariyanine1914d ago

Yay, now Android users can play one of the worst games released this year as well.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1914d ago

the final fantasy brand on a phone is a waste of money.the people who play games on phones don't give a damn about final fantasy, and the people that give a damn about final fantasy don't really want to play games on phones . i don't think final fantasy is ever going back to turn based combat on consoles. i hope they start making there portable games turn based.

Nerdmaster1914d ago

Well, the ports of 3, 4 and 5 were good. Dimensions wasn't bad either (even though I didn't finish it).