Tomb Raider: Anniversary due in 2007

Eidos has announced that Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is due for release in 2007. The game is inspired by the original Tomb Raider game, and will be released on PlayStation 2, PSP and PC.

"We've captured the essence of what made the original game so special and with today's technology, created a game that pushes the boundaries of the current gaming consoles. Tomb Raider :Anniversary is a special celebration of Lara's reign as videogaming's leading lady", said Ian Livingstone, Eidos.

Anniversary will make use of an enhanced version of the impressive Tom Raider: Legend engine, and will use today's technology to retell the original story. The lack of a next-gen version is a little disappointing, but the PlayStation 2 version of Legend was impressive in its own right, so Tomb Raider fans shouldn't be disappointed.

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