Oddworld returns with new CG movie and game project

Lorne Lanning and his studio Oddworld Inhabitants is set to make an ambitious return to interactive entertainment with Citizen Siege, a new original property developed from conception as a CG animated movie and videogame.

The movie will be produced by John H. Williams, responsible for the Shrek series, and directed by Lanning himself, while the game is currently being seen by a number of big-name publishers.

"Citizen Siege was conceived as a game and film from the very beginning," revealed Lanning, speaking exclusively to

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Sphinx4461d ago

... I hope it does the whole Oddworld thing well.

InMyOpinion4461d ago

yer but no but yer but no but yer...I LOOOVE Oddworld..I love it love it love it!

shysun4461d ago

I hope it comes to PS3...Xbox killed Oddworld!:(

General4461d ago

Munch's oddysee and Strangers wrath Rock on Xbox.

shysun4460d ago

I didn't say they weren't good games...They just sold like crap on Xbox!!

beans4460d ago

Well I see were your coming from and maybe this time it will sell better! This has always been one of my favorite games with visuals that were so impressive on wrath that it's sad that some people see Halo as being the best thing visually for xbox! As long as EA has nothing to do with this game it will rock and let's not forget that EA didn't even promote stranger wrath and that's why people didn't buy because they didn't know about it!

Marriot VP4460d ago

shouldn't the headline for the website be on PS3's ongoing shortage problems.

shotty4460d ago

I remember odd world, it sold pretty well because it was bundled with the systems.

shysun4460d ago

M.O. sold more than S.R. but both were very disappointing sells...VERY!