Sony's response to PS Store re-launch & slow loading of icons

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Hi all,

As you will have noticed, the PS Store re-launched successfully today, and we'd like to thank you for your positive feedback.

We are aware that many of you have experienced delays whilst the PS Store's thumbnail icons are being downloaded. This is a temporary consequence of a new system implementation and high global traffic levels, and will be resolved within the next few days.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

All the best,


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computer4935d ago

The slow loading times with the pics was my only complaint, now that we know it's temporary, I'm completely satisfied with the new store design.

SmokeyMcBear4935d ago

even though the icons are slow to load.. you can still cycle through everything and see what it is with the description on the left hand side of the screen.

computer4935d ago

Yeah, I can't even say it was a complaint so much as a "it would've been cooler if it was faster" type of thing.

Genesis54935d ago

Yeah it was a little annoying. Glad to know it will be fixxed.

chaosatom3334935d ago

Just in time to download mgo beta. It probably has nothing to do with this.

gonzopia4935d ago

I'm cautious of the statement. It feels like they're saying the slow loading is due to the high traffic, which will go away in a few days. Everyone wants to see the store right now, because it's new. Makes sense.

...but what happens during that day of the week when new stuff is released, and everyone jumps into the store again? More high traffic? More slow loading images?

I just hope they address it, and don't chalk it up to something that will "go away" when the traffic dies down.

PS3forME4934d ago

Then you get the people like me that just wanted to see what the new PS store looked like. I'd rather look online to see what the new stuff is instead of searching the store for it.

ravinash4934d ago

It may also be that the store browser is storing the icons on the harddrive for next time you go in there.
Once most people have been into the store, there wouldn't be as much need for people to download the icons all the time so with less traffic, it will get faster.
You have to remember these sites get a lot more traffic than your average internet site with the millions of PS3 owners wanting to see the latest updates each week.

Milky4934d ago

JOB ADVERTISEMENT: SCEE looking for a dumbass to create the layout for european store due 15/4/08. No brain cells required.

xhairs4934d ago

What does that even mean?

kosha4934d ago

once they get all the icons for the items coming up quicker itll be great

SuperTanker4934d ago

Unfortunately, the store right now does not store the icons for the next time you use it. It's a real shame. It will cache icons during the current session, but if you quit the store and go back, it will download the icons again.

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heyheyhey4935d ago


now we can bask in the glory of a great new store

next target: that [email protected] ingame-XMB

Superiorrior4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

Hah, well it would be nice to get XMB and Home beta in a package but I think that might be grasping at straws.

@ Below

It's not cancelled lol, perhaps delayed but not concelled.

Not the mod at the time mentioned saying there was a potential for delay , but minimal at best.

lawman11084934d ago

PLAY B3HIND, PLAY SLOW........beioutches

Kleptic4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago ) are a perfect example of how retarded it is when POG whines about PS3 fans being in 360 news...not to mention Jason on his usual witless rant below; blaming Sony again for stuff not related at all to the PS3, or gaming in general (battery failure?...awesome...)

look at contradict your own fanatics and make their arguments pointless...congratulations...

BigKev454935d ago

Sounds good that Sony got back to the players to let just know that the minor problem will be fixed.

Bleucrunch4934d ago

agreed I am glad they at least informed us that they are aware of the situation and are going to resolve it as fast as possible.

Varsarus4935d ago

Just wish that Sony would get their heads out of their arses and release in-game xmb sooner.

4934d ago
Infernus4934d ago

Sony are working to get the igXMB out as soon as possible, they have to test that it works properly and won't mess up the game when it's used so in due time it'll be released. They've officially announced that they're working on implementing it as soon as possible.

Remember we're not paying them for this, they're giving us these things for free, I'm just looking forward to the COD4 maps this week. one thing at a time. Cod4 maps, GTA4, igXMB, MGS4 and so on.

I'm not fussed about not having the igXMB, most of my friends are on COD4 anyway and I just talk to them on there.

They'll get the igXMB out as soon as it's safe to do so since it's usually the same people that complain about it not coming soon enough that complain again later if it's released early and doesn't work properly so just be patient :)

xhairs4934d ago

I agree, these things take time, and to rush something that's free is a bit absurd. This isn't xbox where they try push everything ahead of the game, now they really have nothing to show. Playstation seems to be putting out games of quality and high game play and fun. Where does the quality go if they rush the XMB? Right dow the drain to even more complaints and patches and waiting. I'd rather wait for the perfect xmb than sit with a broken xmb waiting for it to be fixed.

thor4935d ago

For me it was a MAJOR problem (like, waiting 15 minutes to download the icons), but I know that everyone is going to go on the store all at once if it's new so that's good that the problem will be rectified.

ravinash4934d ago

If everyone is going into the site at the same time and the only problem is the icons, then thats a good thing.
It means the site is stable enough that it can handle the traffic with out crashing.