Soulcalibur IV set for July 29 unsheathing

Now gamers as obsessed with Soulcalibur IV as the game's protagonists are with the titular sword can finally mark their calendars. Namco Bandai today confirmed a July 29 North American release date for the game, which will launch in regular and limited Premium Edition packages.

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ErcsYou3839d ago

A new fighting game to get my mitts on... VF5 has grown old and i dont know when we will see SF2 hd, SF4 or KOF12.... I guess this will have to do...

kingOVsticks3839d ago

thought this game was coming out in june I think thats for the best though since MGS4 is going to own june and most of july

BLUR1113839d ago

good point cuz u know mgs4 will be werth playing over a strait good solid month

DFresh3839d ago

So exciting gotta get that limited edition package it's just to good to pass up for my PS3.

BLUR1113839d ago

im getting both cuz Sc is that damn good

MK_Red3839d ago

After Mortal Kombat 8, this is my most anticipated fighting game unless they unveil KI3 soon. Great news.

BLUR1113839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

kI3.. sh!t all fighting games would not excist after a release of that bad mf! soul calibur is by far the best since ki and mk. soul calibur is just awsome its got such rhythem and flow in the gameplay and best graphics of a fighting game yet but darkstalkers was cool lol

MK_Red3839d ago

Even though I consider MK as my top and fave fighter (And game overall), I agree with you on Soul Calibur's graphics and fluid gameplay. Fighting in SC has a unique flow unlike any other fighter and every game in series has been best looking fighter of it's time. Original SC was true masterpiece on DC. SC2 was stunning and SC3 on PS3 had self shadows and many other advanced graphical elements. SC4 is already looking better than any other next-gen fighter from released ones like VF5 and DOA4 to unreleased ones like Tekken 5...

...However, MK8 will be unveiled tomorrow and I hope that steals the crown from all of these. Mortal Kombat will be BACK!

Megaton3839d ago

Awesome! I've been waiting for a solid release date for this game for awhile. Very much looking forward to it.

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