GameSpot: Soul Calibur IV Updated Hands-On

GameSpot recently had the chance to get their hands on an updated version of Namco's Soul Calibur IV, the latest entry in its popular fighting series. The latest installment features a large roster of fighters that mixes old and new characters. It will also feature some very special guest stars, Darth Vader and Yoda, who'll be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively.

While Darth and Yoda weren't playable in the version GameSpot tried, they were able to check out some new characters and stages. They also got to try out some of the new mechanics being introduced in this installment and check it out on the PlayStation 3. While the game is still a work in progress, the new content has GameSpot curious to see how the game is going to come together.

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Doctor Strange3839d ago

Going to pick this up. That new guard system is interesting, I want to hear more about that and the finishers is a cool idea if it doesn't cheapen the gameplay.

KyonoRocks3839d ago

Yeah this new mechanic is really different. Will totally change how the game is played. If you play as Astaroth you're basically screwed... when I play Astaroth I block all the time and wait for an opening to stick one of his huge lumbering attacks in. Guess I'm gonna have to choose a new fighter :/

Fast fighters will rule this version from the sounds of it.

Mwaan3839d ago

If they have a new build of the game, why aren't they uploading some gameplay movies?! Good to hear both versions are running smoothly.