Wii DVD Japan only

The enhanced Wii console, capable of DVD playback - mentioned in the latest issue of Edge - may never see the light of day outside of Japan.

Talk of the DVD-compatible Wii in Edge has caused a stir on the 'net, despite Nintendo confirming back in September it had no plans to release such a console outside of Japan.

In a statement Nintendo confirmed that "in Europe (and the Americas), we have no plans for a DVD option either internally or as an accessory at this time. DVD players are now sold so cheaply and the penetration rate is so high that we did not think it was worth including [DVD playback] and raising the price of Wii."

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ChickeyCantor4463d ago

who cares about DVD players these days :|
im glad the Wii im getting isnt having one.....already have freaking 6 dvd players in my room :|

bung tickler4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

I dont think I will buy a Wii until one of two things happens, the price drops below $200 or it plays DVD's. On that same topic, is the jap Wii region free? cuz I'd just import one then... dont know who from though since sony fvcked lik-sang... god i hate sony.

ChickeyCantor4463d ago

nope Wii is not r-free.
even in japan

LiamFly4463d ago

Wait a minute. Wii can't play DVDs? This changes things.

Marriot VP4463d ago

my gosh nintendo get your act together. You can't even have a DVD drive accept movies. Think about people who grab their wii(hahaha) and take it with them on a trip. They set it up in their hotel and find out it doesn't play DVD's.

Movie functionability is expected of consoles nowadays. How hard is it, get on board Nintendo.

eepiccolo4462d ago

Oh freaking holy crap. How many people don't have a DVD player already because they are expecting to use the one in their console?

Over 80% of households have a DVD player, and I'll bet the percentage of households with a DVD player that would consider buying a game console is even higher. Why should Nintendo add an unnecessary feature? It will only increase the cost!

The reason there will be a Japanese version with DVD is because they are very strapped for space in Japan, and have a demand for space saving devices. There is no such demand in Europe and the US. We can just have a DVD player and a Wii next to each other. Or even a PS2, or an XBOX, or a PS3, or an XBOX360 next to a Wii, in order to have DVD playback.

ChickeyCantor4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

ppl just wanna bash the nintendo.....
"Oh freaking holy crap. How many people don't have a DVD player already because they are expecting to use the one in their console? "
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to agree with you like 100 times but i can only vote 1 time :(