PlayStation 3 PlayTest

PSM has published a hands-on playtest with finished PS3 system and some of its biggest games. Click through for the verdict…

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CG4464d ago

"Resistance is truly stunning. When you play it, you say “Now that’s PS3!” It’s amazing to think that this is a day-one game. It’s already beyond — both technology and gameplay-wise — anything on Xbox 360 a year after its launch. Insomniac are set to deliver the goods, and we can’t fathom what they will be able to do with a few more years of learning the PS3."

This statement will keep me laughing for the rest of the year!!!

daboosa4464d ago

Yes but we all know when u play it u will be crying inside (why didnt i wait a year) for something truly amazine than a tacky looking Xbox 360!!! by the way if ur grtting a wii im sorry!

death monk4463d ago

I'm going to be as unbiased as possible. The official playstation magazine saying this PS3 game blows the 360 out of the water is just as credible as the official xbox magazine saying the same thing about Gears of War in respect to the PS3. Both magazines are very biased. No doubt the game will likely be really fun but I am still very happy with my "tacky" 360 and I'm happy I didn't wait. It's cool to like one system over the other but why go calling the 360 tacky? Are you so materialistic that you need to constantly justify your support of a piece of technology?

daboosa4462d ago

but i have a 360 and do u know wat i use to keep my wifi in Selertape thats rite! i have had my 360 since release and its falling apart! how u cant say the xbox 360 shell looks and is tacky i dont know but im looking faward to some real games!!!

Islandkiwi4463d ago

I like to see good news about the if only Sony would build enough of them...

foxone4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

playstation magazine says playstation is great.
so no bias there then.

death monk4463d ago

agreed but OXM would and does do the same. while we're at it we'll throw Nintendo Power into the mix, haha.

specialguest4463d ago

wow, you threw in Nintendo Power. damn, i forgot all about that magazine until now. Nintendo Power has to be one of the oldest video game magazine out there.

highps34463d ago

Well get use to fanboys there will be a lot of biased Playstation 3 hands on test in the coming weeks. Get over it and go play games.

x440Magnumx4463d ago

"A couple of other cool tidbits:first, the console can be powered on by pressing and holding the PlayStation logo button at the center of the PS3 controller. If you press and hold it again while the system is on, you get a screen that shows the charge level of the controller’s battery, and options to shut down the system or put the controller to sleep. "

Whoah! Sounds revolutionary! ;)

death monk4463d ago

even if the 360 does have this feature it is still cool the PS3 also would. the competition is really driving both companies and I love it! just look at all of the new features being added in the Xbox Live update. the streaming video was especially most likely added because of the PS3. good stuff.

ACE4463d ago

sounds very simler to another console :)

Mikey_Gee4463d ago

Their is no "even if" ....

You should try one ... you might even like it !!

death monk4463d ago

Actually I do own a 360 and I love the feature! I'm just saying that even if Sony ripped off that feature, the 360 is also ripping off the streaming video from portable devices with the update tomorrow. It's this competition that is adding new features to both systems.

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