Tanya Byron links games to heroin addiction

Author of Government Review calls Warcraft 'a childish fantasy game' in BBC programme.

Dr Tanya Byron may have became a 'friend' of the industry when conducting her six-month Government Review – but a new BBC TV show written and fronted by the child psychologist is unlikely to have been well received by the UK games business.

Am I Normal?, screened at 9pm on BBC 2 last night, investigated the subject of video games addiction – even going so far as comparing an 'obsession' with interactive entertainment with a reliance on cocaine or heroin.

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Snoozer2823842d ago

While I disagree, I have many friends who are examples that suggest otherwise :/

Spike473842d ago

What a b****.

Don't you have anything else better to do then?

Video games like WOW is simply called .......entertainment. Sure some people get crazy once in a while, but the same goes for watching tv.

I hate these kind of people, I wish Master chief would hunt them down one by one or Snake.