Why Microsoft Newton is a stupid idea

OpinionDebug looks at why the Microsoft motion sensing controller, just wouldn't work.

OpinionDebug writes:

A few days ago a rumour started that Microsoft were making a motion sensing controller, codenamed Newton, that looked very similar to the Wii remote. Now fortunately I managed to resist making some stupid Isaac Newton joke in the title like: 'New 360 remote isn't down to earth' or '360 Motion control, a bad apple waiting to fall'. Ok enough with the the Newton jokes, they barely even make sense. Lets get this over and done with.

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wiizy3841d ago

its a great idea. it will prove that wii deserve to be the leader.

marionz3841d ago

it is a great idea, i love the standard 360 controll but the market is there for extras like motion controlls, cameras, buzz or scene it controllers or even guitars microphones and dance mats, its just another way to play the game, its hardly anything new to try different controllers, powerglove anyone?
why are people so defensive over ms doing this? i love my gears bioshock and halo, but i also love the gimmicky games and controllers when im just having some casual fun with friends, nothing in the console world is origonal now, everything is copied by the compitition and thats great for the actual console owners and gamers that want things like this.
i only hope ms support it fully, with maybe a range of games that utilise the controlls just like sony has doen with the buzz games

NOLA3841d ago

true, no one ever uses sixaxis anymore on my beloved ps3 so why would 360 devs feel compelled to use 'Newton'

Mr_Bun3841d ago

It is true, why do you think they just released the analog stick patch for Lair, which was only controlled with the sixaxis.

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kewlkat0073841d ago

the dumbest and most stupidest Idea when MS tries something..whatever it may be.

At least have some good the same time I like others to play devils advocate.

There is always the other side of things, some just choose to look at the negatives, unless their console of choice was doing it.(whatever it may be)

All this stuff is good for competition, in the end.

LaxMan9863841d ago

I agree competition between the companies in the video game market is a great thing... it's what makes better games for us consumers. My problem with Microsoft is they never come out with something on their own. First Was Eyetoy then came Xbox Vision. Now with motion controlls similar to the Wiimote? I just wish they would do something original that would make me prefer their console... but that doesn't happen

poopface13841d ago

microsoft is being copied by sony with the psn hardcore. Microsoft had a motion controler for the pc years and years ago, but I dont know of any games that used it(mabe driveing games?). Are you gonna say that microsoft copies nintendo and the ps3 cause they made a video game console too?

green3841d ago

- Achievments
-First console to have a harddrive (xbox
-custom soundtracks
-First console to have broadband and a truly integreted online experience.(you could call dreamcast here,but if was dial up and really poorly implemented)

-First console to have movie rental service.

If you look you will see that they all copy from each other.Sony made the dual shock as a response to the N64 controller,their online service on the PS3 is here because of the porpularity of xbox live.

All i know is that from the very first day i played a Wii i knew that motion controlls where the future and Micro and Sony where going to have to respond later.

kewlkat0073841d ago

you'd be surprise how everyone has managed to take one Idea and build on it.

Sh^t that's how Man have evolved, it's really no different here.

SNES was the first controller with "shoulder buttons" and "4-button layout/config", look at all the controllers we have today?

Look at XBL, SEGA did it first, well they were the first to have a functional online console infrastructure, XBL just built on that. Sony's is playing catchup.

Look at Sony "HOME", what you think that is ORIGINAL?..haha

Proving a point buddy..take a look at history. Actually not just gaming.

LaxMan9863841d ago

I agree but those are all the evolution of gaming... hard drives are necessary... saying someone is copying online interfaces? That has to be the funniest thing Ive heard in a while how else are you suposed to make online play? Im saying if they make a new controller dont make it a complete spin off of the Wiimote... Do something else invent... Do you know why sony cant do custom soundtracks?... cuz microsoft did it first... be origional

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green3841d ago

They can spin it anyway they want but it,s a good idea

Ureval3841d ago

This guy is just flaming, and his opinion is deeply flawed. Obviously, yes, some past games wont be able to integrate the controller, but who the hell plays Shadowrun anymore anyway? Just stupid. As long as Halo Gears or COD use it what else matters?

Having said that, if it is to work they want it to, they have to put more interest in their casual games, and not just put out junk. All they need is one stellar party game, akin to WiiSports or Mario Party, and along with XBLA, it will work. So far Nintendo has yet to release a killer Mario Party that implements the controller very well. Maybe Xbox will take Banjo Kazooie and make it their casual gamer mascot, or maybe Viva Pinata.

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