Hi-Rez CEO lost $30 millon on 'Tribes: Ascend' and 'Global Agenda'

XMNR: In an odd bit of candor, Hi-Rez Studios CEO and founder Erez Goren discussed the developer's history with Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend late Wednesday while also explaining the current focus on the third-person MOBA, SMITE. In the process, he also revealed how much of his own personal money he's lost in the process.

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ATi_Elite2802d ago

1. Global Agenda had potential but the issues were NEVER addressed. Gamers got angry waiting for fixes and proper content that NEVER came so they abandoned GA.

2. Tribes:Ascend was a Hit old and new gamers loved it but then all of a sudden support for it just STOPPED and at a really early stage. Gamers felt abandoned so WE stopped playing Tribes and I left Tribes to go play Blacklight, Firefall and Red Orchestra 2 you know games that received SUPPORT!

3. Smite is good and has GREAT POTENTIAL as it already has a nice community but how long before support for SMITE just stops?

4. HI-Rez is a good studio but they need to be dedicated to their games and they are NOT dedicated to their games or to Gamers. HiRez made 3 great games but they just didn't fix them or support them.

all they had to do was listen to the community and push on but they seemed content to push out Half done games.

So my suggestion to Hi-Rez studios is; Go make iOS or console games. Apple/MS/Sony will pay your studio fee and all you gotta do is just do what Apple/MS/Sony tell you to do since you don't want to listen to PC Gamers unlike most PC Devs who work closely with it's community.

Hi-Rez just wants to make a fast buck off of Half completed games.