Fall update to be released tomorrow says that Famitsu said that we're going to get the Fall update tomorrow. This coincides with earlier rumors, claiming the exact same date. The Fall update will contain over 80 additional features including an overhaul for the Xbox Live Arcade and the Marketplace, 1080p and HD-DVD support and more. The report doesn't say anything about the US and EU release of the update but sources tell us that this is a worldwide release.

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Brian3604462d ago

I hope they have added divx support, that would be sweet

beans4462d ago

I hope they enter that streaming video feature they were talking about!

fjtorres4462d ago

The article has been updated with screenshots that show WMV video as accessible off the USB. Yay! This is *big* to anybody with a ZUNE or PMC. To say nothing about USB external drives.
No word about DiVX but one can hope.
We'll all know tomorrow, but basically, as of now the 360 is a Full-blown, standalone media center.

shortyNZ4462d ago

will it include a new backward compatibility update??? ive been waiting ages to play conker live!

Capt CHAOS4462d ago

Sorry, but me too, I've been waiting for Cel Damange.. Still atleast Counterstrike and Doom3 finally work..

marionz4462d ago

ive heard a few people saying the game compatibility has been updated, but i cant see anything new on it...says last update was august, im getting sick of microsoft not listening to what people want, conker please!

TheMART4462d ago

backward compatibility is mostly seperate updates of the emulator.

There has just been one, don't know about Conker though. I want Ralli Sport Challenge 2.

But this update is sweet. 2 weeks before PS3 launches, the first console doing 1080p is here ;)

80 additional functions... DAMN MS that's crazy! I am curious about tomorrow now

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The story is too old to be commented.