The Risky Potential Of WiiWare

If Nintendo can keep courting indie developers and their WiiWare exclusives it will be able to distinguish itself from Xbox Live Arcade, which relies much more heavily on ports and the repackaging of existing titles.

Nintendo already uses Virtual Console for the reselling of classics. WiiWare can maintain a totally separate library, keeping the focus on what Nintendo last week (perhaps over-ambitiously) called "the most dramatic method of game development ever."

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wageslave3837d ago

Yeah, just a *little* overzealous.

XNA Game Studio has been out for some time. And, the XNA Community is going to publish games, directly from the producers themselves.

And, Indy developers are also working on XBLA. Its wrong to say "relies much more heavily on ports and the repackaging of existing titles"

Because we are getting *BOTH*. MS is publishing about 1.5 games per week, and they can be any classic, indy-developed new-IP, ports, existing IPs (like Catan for instance) and more.

The XBLA has games for *everyone* with a great deal of variety. Games for kids even..

PS360WII3837d ago

they are saying XBLA is flooded and the majority of hype is at the bigger named devs. WiiWare seems as of right now more focused on the little people.

ChickeyCantor3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

did you know that Sony is also going to release something like XNA? but its for multi-platforms not just Ps3 alone....if i recall correctly it supports pc...even PSP....( not sure on this though need to recheck it).

just letting ya know =D
i cant wait for it to come out.

edit: i think you can also use it for different consoles.....not sure though ik not really getting the articles im reading XD)

Skerj3837d ago

Yeah WiiWare has a lot of interesting titles coming down the pipelines, normally very little grabs my attention for the Wii but damn some of those games look totally badass. I like that they're keeping it separate from the VC so every game on there I know will be something new, instead of HD mame roms. ..

wiizy3837d ago

i see wiiware as the best download service... originality just matches the wii perfectly