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Xbox 360 at Micromania Games Show Paris

A short video of the 360 stand.

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JIN KAZAMA4427d ago

I am not trying to flame, but that was a very weak showing of the 360. That wave race at the end seemed worse that wave race for the gamecube. I just dont think the 360 has left anything left in the tank, especially after the let down of SC:DA. Now all you 360 fans are going to talk about GOW, Mass Effect, HALO3. But from what the 360 has shown so far, the hames have been let doown. Why MS, why did you rush your console, why are you comming out with these lame games, why are you "upgrading" now so your premium 360 will be almost as good as the barebones PS3. Sad, very sad indeed.

power of Green 4426d ago

What's sad is you really believe that BULLSHIT opinion/theory you just posted. lol " you dont think 360 has anything left in the tank" are you fucing MAD!?. What console in video game history stop offering anything it's first year, what console?. You can list PS3 games and I can list 360 games all day although it might take a little longer with the 360's tittles list. You say the 360's rushed what the hell do you think Sony's been doing. Sony doesn't have a plan the PS3 is a reaction to the 360. Sony boasts about it's feature then they take them away; then they add them then the halfass implement them in the PS3(Motion sensing, Guide, Online) stolen featurs from MS & NIN. Flip floping is not a sign of a non rushed

2tired2day2hate4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

maybe they were saving their energy for buying out the ps3 exclusives. maybe dealing with the 2 most anticipated games of the next year distracted them. maybe all those profit increases made them a little lazy. or maybe they were too busy laughing at resistance and redsteel. could be a number of things i guess.

plus its dumb to say their games over the last year werent that great. no they havent been mind blowing but thats what happens when you let your new console out a year early when people havent been devloping for any next gen system for very long. none of the ps3 launch games are wowing anyone. ps3 had a year longer to fix the bugs but all they did was force you to buy a more expensive dvd player, add more expensive hardware that pretty much equals what the 360 can do, have a couple delays for system launch, watch their "exclusives" lose confidence in them, made their system harder to devolope for, add the ability to view pictures from several different hardware devices (WHOA!!! $200 extra to view pictures!!!), and even with all that extra time they STILL have a super weak number of systems ready for launch AND delay europe. the funniest part about the people who bad mouth ms is that they use the tired arguement of "its only for fps's" (not that you did) as if fps are the worst kind of games yet sony's and nintendo's big launch games are fps. then you bad mouth the wave race when they showed it for all of 5 seconds. weak

Marriot VP4426d ago

although your start was a little fanboyish, it made me chuckle

THAMMER14426d ago

I do not get the point of this article at all. Can some one explain please?