IGN: PlayStation Store Impressions

Hey, message board readers and IGN PlayStation 3 fanatics: this article isn't for you. By now, IGN are sure you dedicated folks have already downloaded system software 2.30 and jumped into the streamlined world of the brand new PlayStation Store. You know how you feel about it. IGN get that.

This article is for the poor sap trapped in his cubicle who has no idea the new PlayStation Store is live and that it's awesome … most of the time.

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GiantEnemyCrab3840d ago

PlayStation Store Impressions
It's so blue!

The store looks like a Smurf slaughterhouse.

wAtdaFck3840d ago

YOU look like a smurf slaughterhouse

Phil Harrison Mklll3840d ago

Hmm it's funny how you never see these xBot Slaves comment on the story of how PS3 beat xBox 360 for the last 3 months! :D
SAD SAD xBot Slaves xBox360 is Sinking FAST!

PSWe603839d ago

Truer words never spoken my friend.
That's what I keep telling the bots...they're green with envy over the games coming this Summer and now the new store looks and works even better than Market Place

eagle213840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

And giantcrabs is jealous! Awww, IGN said it looks better than xbox orange puke green, sorry... ;)

"Overall, we're impressed with the Store and excited for Thursday's stacked update (GT5 Prologue, Warhawk update, Metal Gear Online Beta, etc.). For the most part, it's fast, responsive and pretty -- and we're not alone in thinking it's got the gusto to be better than Xbox Live."

@Power of green: I'm sorry I don't pick on "special" people. So you get spared. Enjoy your ride on the short bus. :)

power of Green 3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

What did it look like before if this is getting praised?.

" Playstation store update is awesome"

the old version must have sucked.

You posted that quote as if PSN will be able to keep up with live PSN is several updates behind.

Mr PS33840d ago

You still power of green with envy
You still one of the world's biggest SUCKA'S
You still never been laid
You still talk a load of Sh!t

Xlll3839d ago

POG why are you here? You complain about trolling but that's all you ever do. This has nothing to do with the heatbox 360 so move along.

CViper3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

and that it was the end of the world.

Look how some people deal with things:

"The screens that took forever to load seemed to get their act together once they were on the screen. When we left the alphabetized breakdown and came back in, the logos were there and there was nothing to load. That was the case for most of the screens we had to wait for, but after awhile, the loads started happening again. It's probably just a day one jitter -- and even if it isn't, we're talking seconds here and not minutes -- but it definitely warrants a mention."

and well.. you know how others deal with it.

decapitator3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Kotaku are idiots. Content is still been uploaded and the store will be finslized by 8pm EST today. They were messing with the store whiles it was been updated and then came back to make that post.

If you really want some decent impressions, you should check the japan store which further upp than the others.

sonarus3840d ago

The ign xbox editor said it was better than marketplace then retracted his comment once he saw the issues. lol. The store is definitely a HUGE improvement once they getit functioning right

crck3839d ago

It wasn't suppose to be up until the 17th anyway right? They probably released it early so everyone could download the firmware first so its not even more clogged on Thursday when all the new content hits.

computer3839d ago

I have to say I love the new layout because besides the slow thumbs loading, it feels smooth somehow..

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Corrupt3840d ago

"It's a huge improvement over Xbox Live's marketplace," said IGN Xbox 360 Associate Editor Ryan Geddes while watching us fool around with the Store.

Then, he saw the blank tiles and load time.

"Erase my quote," he said.

I lol'd.

meepmoopmeep3839d ago

lol, yeah that was funny :)

Marceles3839d ago

lol yeah...almost had him

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