U.S. in FIFA World Cup, Microsoft Looks Brilliant with Xbox One

DailyGame: Microsoft looks brilliant with the U.S. in the World Cup. Will U.S. gamers even care?

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XboxFun2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

I care, good job MS and good luck US!

Read past the title Mario18.

Mario182936d ago

Care about what? That the US is in the world cup?

xHeavYx2936d ago

Wow, talk about grasping straws.
"Xbox One comes with FIFA in Europe, therefore the fact that the US National Soccer team qualified for the world cup makes MS look brilliant"

SmokeyMcBear2936d ago

yeah... this article is trying to mash two things that shouldn't be.

JokesOnYou2936d ago

Yeah I don't get it either???

thehitman2936d ago

If Jokes doesnt get it then they are obviously grasping at straws.

P0werVR2936d ago

If Fifa was free in the US along with Day One preorders, yeah brilliant....BUT IT'S NOT!

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christocolus2936d ago

i think ea and ms need to make the best of this deal...spread the love to usa and become co sponsors of the american team...i love the fact that ea and ms have this relationship..i remember the original xbox ea almost never released nfl and fifa but now things have changed..its good to see ms grow such relationships with many developers especially in the west..good work ms.nice work team xbox.

SniperControl2936d ago

No offence to my US cousins, but the USA arent getting past the first round. They will go straight into the unseeded pot, which could lead them to be drawn against seeded teams such as England (If we qualify that is), Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Brazil etc.
Pointless sponsoring a team nobody is gonna watch, during the 2010 world cup in South Africa, I think I read somewhere that less than 3% of the entire population of the US watched there first round games.

YNWA962936d ago

Yeah, what does this have to do with Xbox? Coincidence only, even that is a stretch...

mediate-this2935d ago

@sniper control, dont know where you bern the last world cups, but the states have grown into a strong strong team. Actually dominating teams. This world cup themre predicted to go far.

HammadTheBeast2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Yeah.... US isn't even getting past quarters.

US is good at other things, but football's not really their game.

Europe will do good, I'm guessing either Portugal, Spain, Germany will make it to finals.

Hoping for Portugal.

Good news for MS thought I guess... but the article's weird. These things are barely related.

XboxFun2936d ago

US will get past the quarters we have a great team and we made it this far there's no way we won't make it even further.

You just watch and see...

And how about them Niner's?


mcstorm2936d ago

One thing that will happen is the USA will go further than England we are shocking and why Hart has the number one shirt I don't know.

SniperControl2936d ago

You forgot to add /s at the end.

Wh15ky2936d ago

"US isn't even getting past quarters."

They'll do phenomenally well if they reach the quarters. In fact they'll be doing very well if they advance past the group stage.

iceman062935d ago

It will be a great tourney for the US if we GET to the it would for most teams outside of the usual superpowers like Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, etc. I wasn't really worried about qualifying, as it's not like we've missed the last several World Cups. Now, I look forward to the draw and some luck.

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MysticStrummer2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

If MS is counting, in any way, on the popularity of this sport in the US, then they are far from brilliant.

It's a great sport and I played it for many years here in TX, but it's pretty low on the popularity meter in the US.

Edit - I played two seasons a year from 1st grade through 5th, then one season a year through 12th grade, and I have never once purchased a videogame based on the sport. But, I'm not into most sports games in general.

iceman062935d ago

This is true. But, the tides are slowly changing. I am also a former player from 1st through my first year in college. What I have seen is that it is growing pretty rapidly. MLS has a lot to do with it (not necessarily always the quality) by raising the profile of the sport. This is the first time, that I can remember, where you can actually see Champions League, Premiere League, Spanish, French, and Italian league games and results on ESPN. That's pretty big. That being said, you are right. There is still miles to go and if this is what if making MS brilliant...well...not so much.

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Mario182936d ago ShowReplies(1)
majiebeast2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

"Yep, at about the same time the FIFA World Cup is getting underway."

This makes no sense unless the other Euro countries get the Xbone as late as June 2014. By then it would be smarter to bundle it with the fifa world cup 2014 game thats bound to come out in may.

ebreda2936d ago

The World Cup is already under way, because the Qualifiers are a part of it.

redcar1212936d ago

ms is the best company in the world

sashimi2936d ago

What world do you live in cause It doesn't seem that way on Planet Earth.

redcar1212936d ago

planet ms like you live on sony beach earth lin

buynit2936d ago

I would only say that about a company that makes me a millionaire..

And that will never happen so their will never be a "best company in the world" to me..

I didnt disagree or bubble you down for your OPINION.. You shouldnt be hated for likeing a company i dont cwre if its sony ms or nintendo..

mcstorm2936d ago

Lol I would not say they were the best company in the world but I am a big fan and after moving over to there eco system (windows phone, windows 8, Xbox, Xbox music, SkyDrive, 2012 server, and windows RT on my surface I would say this system fits me better than what Google, apple and Linux offer) but we all like different things in life and that's why we have choices.

paul-p19882935d ago

I respect your opinion, but if you have the desktop version of Windows 8 i have to disagree with you there, Windows 8 is horrible to use, even worse than Vista...

It's made for tablets and smartphones, why they tried to crowbar into a desktop is something i just do not understand...

mcstorm2935d ago

@paul-p1988 I can see why people don't like Windows 8 but it is no where near as bad as Vista was.

I have had customers say they don't like Windows 8 but when they have been shown how to use it they have said they find it quicker than Windows 7 for finding applications. The one thing it is missing is a quick document open like windows 7 had. I also think 8.1 start screen will be even better as you can make small icons s fit more on the front screen for non touch devices.

Like I have said though its each to there own. For me I would take the new start screen over the old one but can see why people don't like it.

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alb18992936d ago

Why is so difficult to respect others likes?

mcstorm2935d ago

Because we live in a world of mine is better than your just because it is. For some reason people seem to think that if you don't like what they do you are wrong and its no good. I just buy what I want and let people buy what they want. I am no apple fan and would never buy a Ipad as they are limited but for my Gran I said she was best getting an ipad as all she used her laptop for was Skype and facebook and because it is very simple it fits her better than a windows 8 or Android tablet. Yet for my Brother who has just started Uni I said he should look at a surface RT as this will be a tablet to connect to facebook ect but it will also be a laptop with a 10 hour battery life where he can use word ect.

The way I look at it no one peace of technology is better than another but some technology fits some people but will not fit others.

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