A mysterious page on official PlayStation site

A mysterious page is avaible on official PlayStation site. What is the Sony surprise? Be patient...

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heyheyhey5852d ago

saw this ages ago

its very weird indeed

meepmoopmeep5852d ago


did you get banned to the open zone?

Kleptic5852d ago

about 58 hours left?...the audio quality is garbage though on my end...

Mr PS35852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

So you get banned from the gaymer zone and you get pissed !!
Why ?
Its not worth drowning your sorrows in a glass of shandy just cause you got banned from the gaymer zone you darnfoolidiot

heyheyhey5852d ago

because i like to have intelligent conversations and debate

not to hear you people proclaim "xbots r gay" over and over again

its not even funny, just plain annoying

outwar60105852d ago


Blackcanary5852d ago

Dude the count down is for Siren one of japan's best horror games i so can't wait for it.

BLUR1115851d ago

all it is xbots suck ;) they pay money for live blah xd 360 fixme PLAY BEYOND AND THATS ALL IT IS OVER AND OVER AND OVER. gamerzone is better cuz ppl discuss games and not little nerds with no life like phil mkIII

lawman11085851d ago

Stupid...."lets get all worked up over ANYTHING that comes on the PS3" What a bunch of turds! I find it funny that such an anti 360 site would take out a FULL PAGE AD in the xbox 360 magazine. Just change the name of the site to Biased News for PS3 douche bags.

lawman11085851d ago

Your a world class a-hole dude. As gay as your avitar

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mingeeta5852d ago

It sounds like Heavy Rain!!!!! o it is

sonarus5852d ago

how is this heavy rain. This is probably a team siren game. Weren't they supposed to be working on a ps3 exclusive horror game or somethin

TriggerHappy5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

Damn, I "rike". I rike it a lot. I like the sounds and all the cursing that's thrown in there. This is in like 3 days right or a little over 2 days?

"what is that? ....Mumble"

"Shut the fack up, SHUT....this is...(noises)

Man it would be scary as hell to listen to this late night.

Tarasque5852d ago

For some reason i was kinda hoping when i put my mouse on the screen i would have a little tampon pointer to soak up the blood to reveal what is behind it.

PR0F3TA5852d ago

wan't proof that its a new Siren game? look here:


in the first few seconds of the video you see a countdown timer next to the text... its identical. The voices are much the same.

looks like im going to have to Import a game

Timesplitter145852d ago

Yeah that's what I tought too. There's rain, the girl's voice from the demo and it looks dark. It's Heavy Rain

Douche5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

2:00 A.M. on Friday we'll know I guess. Why so early in the morning though??? Or late, however you want to look at it. I have a feeling this audio will be a part of some trailer to be released.

Sounds a lot like a storm is going on...It's as if the man and woman you hear that are talking between each other are hiding while watching something screwed up going on. I hear a baby scream, then thunder. The guy says, "Uhh, that don't look right." The girl says something, but it sounds like she's speaking another language and only the guy is speaking English. There's more thunder. You hear some intermittent screaming in the background by children it sounds like. And then a girl screams loudly. Then the guy goes, "D-mn, look, that's some f---ed up sh-t." "He's gonna kill that f---er." You hear some raspy screeches or could have been "growls". The woman panics and the guy interrupts her going, "Shh, quiet...there "he" is." Although you can only very faintly hear what's happening, it doesn't sound good. The woman panics some more and is saying something to the man. He then says, "Yea, we gotta do something." While the woman continues franticly moaning, you also hear someone shouting something in the background. The man then says, "Look, someone's tryin' to stop 'em." There's a little pause while something happens. The guy then says, "I'm not doin' sh-t, we gotta go up top."

Then it ends and repeats itself. Well, I just listened to that crap like 20 times in order to create this narration and I gotta say, it's really f'ed up. Interesting, but f'ed up. I'm kinda anxious now to see if the game looks as scary as it sounds. Hope my little recreation can paint a mental picture for you guys of what is going on. I haven't got a clue.

Edit: After recollecting what I listened to, there's only a couple games that I think it could be. Forbidden Siren 3 is what it's rumored to be, which seems appropriate. But also, a next-gen Fatal Frame is definitely due. Based off of the PS2 version I played, the crap I heard in that audio leans me toward it. The little girls screaming. All the crap going on. Stormy weather would be good for a Fatal Frame setting. It all about adds up. Nothing about this audio gives off the impression that this is a Silent Hill game so I wouldn't keep my hopes up for that.

Btw, ^PROF3TA^, that's nothing near a confirmation. Are you kidding, "the clock is identical" so they must be the same? That's a stupid reason, regardless if it's true. And the voices are NO WHERE NEAR the same. While it might just be FS3, your "proof" is lacking. Judging by what was said in the audio, it doesn't match. While both guys seem to be watching something while out of sight, there isn't anything else that relates. The guy in the audio comes off much differently than the guy in the vid. They aren't the same person.

stuntman_mike5852d ago

i think the next fatal frame is a Wii exclusive suda 51 is making it. im sure its forbidden siren, hell it looks like T and S at the side so it could mean team siren.

also on the website i dont know if its because ilistened to it a few times but im sure if you move the mouse around like an antenni you can get the sound clearer like the sight jacking in siren also the bit at the end sounds more like "lets call the cops" and not "lets go up top".

whoelse5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

Is the game 'Tears of Blood'?

AKA the secret BBC game!

Douche5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

Some of you guys gotta check out this video review for Forbidden Siren 2. The reviewer cracks me up. And it's good to know what to expect out of this game if it ends up being the third in the series.


Stuntman_mike, I have a good feeling it could be either for many contrasting reasons. On a side note, the Wii's Fatal Frame has nothing to do with the PS3 version. The console(s?) version has been in development for quite some time now. If this isn't it, it should come out either way by late '08 or sometime early in '09. I'm doubting that bit about the sight jacking. It might have just gotten clearer for you over time. I udnerstood things much better after listening a few times and my cursor was inactive. In my opinion, they definitely should just drop sight jacking if they make a third one though. Or at least impliment it better so it's less a hassle to use.

PR0F3TA5851d ago


you know nothing of what you speak... you haven't even played a Siren game. Come friday you better eat all that wall of text words you just spilled, you're gonna feel mighty stupid. I won't be holding back to rub it in your face nither.

Sssamba5851d ago

It is Siren. The clock is not just "identical" it is the EXACT SAME clock the devs use in the Siren franchise. Also, the static is just like the static effect used when you "sightjack" into a Kabuto. The use of the flashlight being the only source of light is also something commonly used in Siren, but that goes for all survival horror games. Furthermore, Siren is generally known to be quite fawked up and extremely realistic in general, just like everything you're hearing in the teaser page.


Anyone who disagrees hasn't played a Siren game before.