Mix Marble Madness with… The Lost Vikings? – Lost Marbles review [Gaming Trend]

Editor Victor Grunn: "Indie team Binary Takeover gets right to the point in advertising their latest release, Lost Marbles: it’s a game that combines the smooth 3D ball-rolling mechanics of Marble Madness with the ‘manage up to three characters at once’ perspective of classic puzzler The Lost Vikings. That’s a pretty unique mash-up between a pair of solid, if disparate titles – but Lost Marbles proves that it’s a combination with real potential. While at $9.99 it’s asking a bit much in a world of cheap, well-polished indie titles and deep discounts, the creative puzzle challenges it poses to the player – along with a very intuitive, simple control scheme – make it worth a look from anyone eager to add another challenging title to their puzzle game library."

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