Virtua Fighter 5 Gameplay Videos

Playfrance has posted 4 videos of Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3.

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U2MOFO5830d ago

Visually its similar to DOA4... Well see how it plays.

achira5830d ago

i will buy this game, for me its one of the best fighting games, i love virtua fighter.

Wotbot5830d ago

I'm tired of these fighting games, but some of the graphical effects look good.

One I would rent.

Fuzz McDeath5830d ago the character models look like action figures, or like they are claymation or something. Not saying it looks bad, just a little odd. I agree with number one - although the artistic styles are different, the graphical quality of both DOA4 and VF5 are about on par. Both have a lot of strenghts and a few weaknesses.

Also, apparently "rim-lighting" is the lens-flare of the ps3 - the ubiquitous visual effect - seems like its overused in all the games. Look around you at the people in your home or office, despite what the PS3 launch titles have taught us, not every person is outlined with a pencil-thin beam of light. 'Course the 360 is guilty of this with depth-of-field - just a bit overused in the first group of games.

noSpecialCharsAllowd5829d ago

its been awhile since i played vf series... they just got boring.. thanks to tekken.. 3d its tekken.. 2d its kof.. but im gonna try vf5 and see how's it like...

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